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Travel is a huge part of my life and something which brings me great joy. I like to bring my blog along with me on my travels and share my top tips for all the destinations I’ve been to. Make sure to click here to explore anywhere from Warsaw to Brussels, Paris to Krakow, Bonn to Berlin and everywhere in between!

Schloss Charlottenburg-Berlin


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Krakow- Poland
The Botanical Gardens- Sheffield
What’s coming up!?

Well…everything! It’s starting to get cold outside and that means that we’ll be heading inside. We’re currently planning lots of posts to keep you occupied during the colder months so whatever your thing is from museums, to city breaks, to new hobbies, and staying in touch with yourself; trey tuned so you don’t miss out!

Berlin’s Urban Art

Berlin’s known for it’s colourful and vibrant art scene. There’s something new around every corner and this is just one of the many reasons why the city is a cultural hub that you’ll never want to escape from. Look out for our article with a guest contributor coming soon all about urban art in Berlin.


Self Care

A huge section of our content on TTR is all about looking after yourself. As a student and being self employed I’m passionate about sharing my ways of taking time out of a busy day. Read more here.

Zaandam- The Netherlands
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