Today I am grateful for

Today I thought I’d note down some of the things which I’m grateful for. Here they are! Female friendships Since returning to University and navigating yet another exam period, I’ve become ever more acutely aware of how wonderful and complex my female friendships are. I’m so grateful for all of the girls and female friendshipsContinue reading “Today I am grateful for”

My first half marathon

A week ago today, probably around this time, I was huffing and puffing my way around the Manchester Half marathon. The blisters are, thankfully, now more or less gone, the medal is perched on my book shelf and I’m back to being able to walk up and down stairs normally. The day The build upContinue reading “My first half marathon”

The best parts of my long distance relationship

Relationship chat isn’t usually my thing here, with a job that’s so online, I love to keep the most precious parts of my life offline. But whenever it comes up in conversation that my boyfriend lives in a different country to me I’m always met with really sympathetic eyes and expressions of ‘oh that must be so hard.’ Truth be told, it can be tricky but it also can be pretty wonderful and today we’re here to chat about that part…

Take your headphones out.

I recently lost my headphones. Headphones are always doing one of two things: tangling themselves up mysteriously or completely disappearing. After a hissy fit and spending too much money on Amazon to get some more in the post, I was faced with the terrifying and soul-crushing 1st world problem that I would have a fewContinue reading “Take your headphones out.”

Getting my bounce back

It’s like getting your mojo back…but a little less mid-life-crisisey. At the start of the month I always feel really motivated and ready to reinvent myself into some hyper-productive and sociable little bouncy ball…To be fair I usually manage to keep it going a little over 2 weeks but then I just crash!

The books I’ve been loving!

One of my 2019 goals was to read more! It’s something I love but never take enough time to do. It often, unfortunately, falls to the bottom of my list but I’ve been trying to get better at making time for it this year. Forcing myself to turn my phone off, shut down my laptop,Continue reading “The books I’ve been loving!”

We’re 6 Months Old!

It’s 22.59 on a Monday evening and it’s just occurred to me that it’s nearly our birthday (kind of!)! I’m writing this about a week or two before it goes online, as hopefully on the 10th February I’ll be gearing up for my second week at University in the Netherlands. (It feels so far awayContinue reading “We’re 6 Months Old!”

Following Grandad’s footsteps

In 2019 I wanted to set myself some challenges and make sure I followed through with them. I have wanted to get stronger and fitter for a long time, I really enjoy the gym and spinning but I’ve been working on running more and starting delving into the yoga world as a way to de-stressContinue reading “Following Grandad’s footsteps”