My first half marathon

A week ago today, probably around this time, I was huffing and puffing my way around the Manchester Half marathon. The blisters are, thankfully, now more or less gone, the medal is perched on my book shelf and I’m back to being able to walk up and down stairs normally. The day The build upContinue reading “My first half marathon”

The best parts of my long distance relationship

Relationship chat isn’t usually my thing here, with a job that’s so online, I love to keep the most precious parts of my life offline. But whenever it comes up in conversation that my boyfriend lives in a different country to me I’m always met with really sympathetic eyes and expressions of ‘oh that must be so hard.’ Truth be told, it can be tricky but it also can be pretty wonderful and today we’re here to chat about that part…

Saying no: a note on personal boundaries

I listen to a lot of great podcasts, most of which are about fitness, entrepreneurship or self care and empowerment. I listen to mostly female produced and focused podcasts and they really have become an important part of my daily routine. One thing that is often mentioned in these podcasts is how to navigate situationsContinue reading “Saying no: a note on personal boundaries”

A rainy-day in the Zillertal

A few weeks ago I left the hum of the big city in the search for some fresh air! My boyfriend and I visited the Zillertal in Austria. Having spent many summers and winters here I am already completely convinced it is one of Austrias most breathtaking corners, and after just 10 days he wasContinue reading “A rainy-day in the Zillertal”

My top 10 Year Abroad take away moments

Here we are, I can’t quite believe it but I’m only a few days away from finishing the emotional rollercoaster and incredible once in a lifetime experience of a Year Abroad. Today I wanted to do a quick little post with my top 10 moments of the whole year, it was so tough to getContinue reading “My top 10 Year Abroad take away moments”

My top tips for the second half of your year abroad

From a person that fell in love in the first half and had to leave to set up home somewhere new in the second! I’ll cut the first half of the story: We all know I fell in love with Berlin. Found purpose in my first ‘proper job’, made a good gang of friends andContinue reading “My top tips for the second half of your year abroad”