Working On It: 4 Cultivate your ideal morning routine

Whether you are a student trying to study for exams at home, a writer trying to find inspiration whilst socially distancing, or a professional who’s adjusting to working from home -or anyone else!- then this is for you. In this Working On It post, I’ll be explaining why cultivating your dream morning routine is going to improve your output and do wonders for your mind. I’ll also let you in on how you should get started creating one and share mine with you.

Why should I bother?

Well, I can understand why now might seem like a silly time to start cultivating a morning routine as most of us don’t have to be at the office for 9 am, but it is the complete opposite. We all have more time than ever to invest in and look after ourselves. The way I see it, this is our opportunity to start those things which we’ve always wanted to give a go and to practise self-care the way we said we would “if only we had more time”. We’ve all been guilty of it, including myself, but if we all paid attention to what our minds and bodies craved outside of the usual rat-race way of life then, I hope that we’ll all be happier, healthier and kinder once this period is over.

I’m not a morning person, so this isn’t something for me…

Wrong! A morning routine can be done at 5.30 am or 9.30 am and what’s more, if you’re not a morning person you can become one with the right mindset…If you want to! If you don’t fancy cultivating a morning routine as such then that is completely fine and you’re no less than someone who does but until you have the drive to get up each morning and consistently invest time into your morning tasks then it’s never going to work consistently in the long run. The key to becoming a morning person or sticking to your new routine is to implement things in which you love spending time doing. That’s what is going to get you out of bed!

How to cultivate your perfect morning routine

Everyone’s morning routine will look different and that’s how it should be because we’re all different people with different likes, dislikes and needs. First, you need to work out what you think would be the ideal way for you to start the day. Also, think about what you need first thing in the morning. Two lists are going on here: Things that you’d like to start implementing into your morning and a list of things which you know you need. If you simply need that morning coffee then put that into your ‘must have’ list but if you’d like to start doing yoga then that should go in your ‘I’d like to start column. Once you’ve got your lists be realistic. If you’ve got an unending list then really slim it down to a list which is doable and which you can see yourself practising every day.

A morning routine won’t happen overnight. It takes consistency and flexibility. Maybe working on getting up an hour earlier is going to take some adjusting to but with the right mindset, you’ll get there. Also if an aspect of your morning routine isn’t working for you then it’s important to remember that you’re not failing, you’re simply becoming more in tune with yourself and working out what works for you. It’ll take a little bit of trial and error but you’ll get there and soon after you’ve started you’ll begin feeling the benefits!

My morning routine

Alarm: 5.45

Out of bed: 5.50

Yoga: 6-6.15

Morning tea and sit at my desk to do my Portuguese lesson and to do a class or two on Skillshare: 6.20-7.00

Breakfast: 7.00

Work emails and Task 1 on my to-do list: 7.15-8.30

Morning workout 8.45-9.30

Shower and dressed for the day 9.30

My work day starts again at 9.50

This is my rough morning routine, depending on the day some things get moved around and are shorter or longer but in theory, this is what mine looks like. I love this routine as not only does it mean that I’m spending time on learning new things and getting my workout in before the world really starts but it also means that I can usually get my inbox (nearly!) cleared and do one of my to-do’s before the normal workday starts. As I work remotely with companies in Berlin sometime’s I’ll schedule my meetings around 8 am BST to start the workday with them in Berlin at 9 am and this has proved to work well recently.

Give it a go!

I’m intrigued to hear what other people have to say about morning routines. Do you do one? Do you have any words of wisdom for someone wanting to start one? Let me know! And remember, be kind to yourselves and others there really is no perfect way of doing things!


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