Today I am grateful for

Today I thought I’d note down some of the things which I’m grateful for. Here they are!

Female friendships

Since returning to University and navigating yet another exam period, I’ve become ever more acutely aware of how wonderful and complex my female friendships are. I’m so grateful for all of the girls and female friendships that I have in my life at the moment. These are the people who buy me daffodils, check up on me even when I’m being unreliable messaging back and the people who drink a bottle of wine with me without any reasoning on a Tuesday evening. The friendships that I’ve made at University have really shaped and formed me and I’m so grateful to have a strong gang of funny, independent, intellegent and wonderful women around me. I’ve got some friends that I go on nights out with, some I go to the library with and study with, some I live with, some who I get pizza with and some I train with. I feel really blessed to not only have great female friends who support and love me but also to have such a range of friends with whom I do different things with. I’ve taken a lot of comfort in not having to do everything with one single person and having the opportunity to explore different friendships in different settings, all of which are completely equal in value. A huge thank you to all of my female friends for everything you do daily I love you and I’m so thankful to have you all in my life.

Living in a house which feels like a home

After a year abroad and constantly moving from one concrete mass of expense to another I am so thrilled to be living somewhere that I feel safe, cosy and at home. Despite the 40+ stairs, I LOVE living with my 3 course mates in our little terrace house. It really is the little things that count and feeling comfortable enough to sing in the shower, cook in my PJs and to have communal TV, film and pamper nights is so wonderful. Thank you to my home, my house plant window, and my housemates, I’m so grateful to you all.

Having this week to take a breather

Grateful doesn’t even come close! After exams and before the new (and my last!) semester at University starts I’m really glad that I’ve had the opportunity to rest and sleep a little more than usual and to do some fun things with friends. I’ve still been working on my dissertation and “work-work” but this week off has been wonderful. I’m grateful for fun parties, my boyfriend flying over to spend some of this week with me and for girls pizza night.

Charity shops

Yesterday one of my housemates and I went on a little charity shop discovery afternoon. We trawled through many little shops, chatted with cute elderly people and discovered some absolute gems! We each got a jigsaw, a vase for some daffodils which we bought later and gawped and awed over many teapots, cabinets, wedding dresses and old books. I couldn’t believe the quality of things in the shops and we really enjoyed the outing. This was definitely a great weekend activity that I’ll be doing more of with friends in the months to come. If you’re asking why we bought jigsaws, we’ve decided that they’re a great communal activity to do which will distract us from the stresses of final year and will get us off our phones.


Having gone to a Milky Chance concert in Manchester earlier in the week I’m super grateful for music. I love how listening to a particular song can take me right back to summer lake-swimming in Berlin on my second date with my now boyfriend or to a festival which I went to with my parents in 2016. Thank goodness for music for also always getting me through my library sessions.


I’ve been journaling for a while on and off now but I have started doing it with more intention recently. Sometimes, I think it is so easy to focus on the things that aren’t going right or that are stressing us out the most rather than the blessings we have in abundance. By very casually reflecting on these blessings every now again, I definitely feel more positive and grateful in general. I’m also trying to do a minimum of 7 acts of kindness a week that are things I might not normally think to do. I’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, what are you grateful for today?


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