2020: My Goals

Last year I wrote down my goals and ‘starting points’ for 2019, I enjoyed refering back to them and publishing them helped keep me accountable. You can read what my 2019 goals were here. This January I’ve decided to scribble down my initial goals going into the new decade again and here they are:

Read 10+ books

This one should be doable! I can’t remember how many books I ended up reading in 2019 but last year really brought back my passion for reading. This Christmas alone I was lucky enough to be gifted 8 books so I’ve got a good starting point! At the moment I’m reading ‘Be The Change’ by Gina Martin.

Visit 3 new countries 

Also another ‘starting point’ from last year’s list, this one worked really well for me in 2019. Last year I went to France, Belgium and Poland for the first time visiting Paris, Brussels, Krakow and Warsaw. I was blown away by how stunning Poland was and so, I’d like to make it my mission in 2020 to discover more of Eastern Europe. I’d love to visit Russia too…let’s see. Other places high on my list are Gdansk- Poland, Riga- Latvia and Croatia.

Get my degree!

The 6 month count down is on! I’m in the middle of putting pen to paper (or the electronic laptop version of that?) and am well into my dissertation. So far its been one hell of a ride but I’m determined that all the hard work will pay off and that I’ll come out of 4 years as an Undergraduate with a lovely shiny certificate. Watch out for the graduation picture around July! 😛

Decide my next steps…

This is a bit of a tricky one, at the moment I’m weighing up masters courses in the U.K., abroad, internships and everything else under the sun so right now; who knows what I’ll be doing in September. But for now… applications, applications, applications!

Buy less clothes!

In 2020 I want to put extra focus on how, where and why I consume. By that I mean, shopping more sustainably, repairing, recycling and purchasing preloved items. For Christmas I was gifted my first pair of vegan trainers by Veja. They are super cool and, although quite an investment, I am in love with them!

Run a half marathon PB

This time last year I could barely run to the bus stop! I’m really proud of how much I improved at running last year but I’m not planning on slowing down in 2020! No way, I want to have fun, run more races and improve on my half marathon PB for my next race in March. The training starts now!

Spend less time on my phone

I’ve gotten a lot better at spending less time on my phone recently but this is the one thing that I can often let slip and I easily fall into bad habits. I want to be more present, spend less time on social media and connect with others more in person.

Go “home-home”

This for me means 2 different things. Firstly, I haven’t been home to see my parents in North England all of the last semester-I want (and need) to make the effort to travel up for a weekend and I want to take advantage of the mountains we have on our doorstep and do a hike with them. The second part of this goal is to visit Graz in Austria, the city I was born in. I have never been back to Graz since I left and I would love to discover the place where I came into the world. (I say that I’d like to do this every year but hopefully in 2020 I actually will!)

Go to live concerts, and theatre events!

I hardly did this at all in 2019 but that needs to change! When I was around 14 I used to save any money I got my hands on to save up and buy concert tickets and live music was one of my biggest passions. This year, I already have 2 concerts lined up but there’s always room for more and I know that once I’ve been to one I’ll catch the concert-bug again!

Write, be grateful and be honest

This last goal is something I need to continue to work on. After 3 and a half years at Uni I’m determined to enjoy the last few months, I want to finish exploring my city, do many fun things with friends, be grateful and just enjoy! There’s many differnt things that this last goal encompasses but I also want to be able to better at recognising when I need help and at asking for support. I’m very good at bottling things up but I want to be more open and honest in 2020. Lastly, as part of this goal, I want to try and get back to a point where I feel comfortable being open and honest through the positives and negatives on TTR. I’m not putting pressure on myself to churn out content but I’d like to reclaim this space and feel more comfortable with it again.

All in all:

For now those are my main goals. I definitely have some more personal goals that I’ll keep to myself for now but all in all these goals are very laid back and are all mainly based around passions. Doing more, being outside more and having fun with the people I love most. New Years Resolutions, for me, should never be about moulding yourself into something ‘aspirational’ or something that you’re currently not. For me, they are instead a way to bring out the best parts of who I already am and to keep myself accountable in knowing that life is for the taking and that fun and passions always need to have a place in my busy day to day. 


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