The best parts of my long distance relationship

Relationship chat isn’t usually my thing here, with a job that’s so online, I love to keep the most precious parts of my life offline. But whenever it comes up in conversation that my boyfriend lives in a different country to me I’m always met with really sympathetic eyes and expressions of ‘oh that must be so hard.’ Truth be told, it can be tricky but it also can be pretty wonderful and today we’re here to chat about that part.

The best parts of my long distance relationship…(well, some of them anyway)

  1. There’s always something to talk about
  2. You can focus on yourself wholeheartedly whilst also sharing your life with someone you care about
  3. The reunions feel like a sparkly kind of special
  4. I appreciate my partner more
  5. I’ve learnt to be more patient and compromise more
  6. I prioritise better
  7. I save my money more!
  8. Any time is quality time
  9. You get to share completely different background or norms with each other
  10. It means that we’ve got something good going on

Let’s delve into a few of these…

First off, 1) We never get bored of hearing what the other one’s been up to. We both have such different daily routines and activities going on that we’re never stuck for anything to talk about.

2) This one is really important to me, during the past year that we’ve been together I’ve done more for myself and achieved more personal goals than ever before. Being in a relationship with distance you tend to have a lot of time on your hands that can be spent on personal development, making you happier, healthier and more fulfilled and in turn more appreciative and a better partner to my boyfriend that supports me through it all. Of course it would be great to see each other every day but we don’t and looking on the plus side, that means I have a lot of time to do what I want to do and work towards my milestones.

3) I’m sat in the library now, when I should be working, and I decided to write this post because I’m too excited to concentrate on anything else. My boyfriend is currently 38 thousand ft in the air on his way to visit the U.K. for the first time. The visit’s to one another’s countries are so special and I cherish every second that we have these little adventures together.

4) Following on from that point above nicely is that I think I appreciate my partner more. If I’m truly honest, I think I’ve been guilty of taking my relationships in the past for granted. Being in different countries has definitely put things into perspective for me and has made me realise just how much I value this person.

5) Oh boy, this is a big one. With time difference, different schedules, different communication strategies, different wants and needs and everything else I think anyone in a long term relationship has to become both more flexible and patient. I know I certainly have. There’s always going to be more learning, adapting and patience in relationships to be had but I think this relationship has made me a better rounded person for this reason.

6) You’ve gotta! My time is spent more effectively and I work around dates and deadlines to work out when I can spare a few days to visit Berlin to see my boyfriend. It means you’ve got to work pretty hard and definitely causes a measure of chaos every now and then but it’s completely worth it.

7) No money= no flights! That is always enough of an incentive to hold back every now and again and put a few extra pounds aside to save up for the next trip. Luckily for us trips from the U.K. to Germany aren’t too expensive, but as a student this can be a tricky thing to navigate so lots of saving up and planning in advance is usually necessary.

8) An afternoon here, an hour there or even a phone call can become really important and valued. I know that we’ve done a lot of trips, days out, and fun activities together that we might not’ve had the inclination to do if we lived closer to one another and saw each other every day.

9) Honestly, every day something comes up in conversation that the other has no idea about. Usually a kid’s TV show, a place or even a tv advert can spark the ‘what?! you don’t know that?! Wait… let me get Youtube up’ conversation. It’s hilarious and we’ve learnt so much about each other’s growing up, families and countries that we otherwise would’ve never even known about.

10) Most important on the list. I think being in a long distance relationship has shown me that what we have together is really great. Making the time, effort and journeys to see each other and even just taking time out of our days to keep the other up to date on what we’re up to really shows to me that this is special. It’s a big commitment to make, and it’s definitely not always easy but I feel extremely lucky and valued.


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