Prenzlauer baby! Work the am. Chill the pm.

Day 02 Name: Prenzlauer baby! Work the am. Chill the pm.

Perfect for: Freelancers, busy people or anyone who’s got a day with a few coffee meetings but some time to fill in-between. Pick and choose locations and activities from our day to make it work for you!

Business: 10/10

Sights: 0/10

Museums: 6/10

Food: 7/10

Workout 8/10

Cost €€-From coffee to cocktail for €38.50


This day’s coffee begins right at your work desk. Head to Sankt Oberholz, Rosentaler Platz, open from 8.30 for coffee and coworking. Pay €4 per hour or €15 per day to work in their 2nd floor coworking space. There’s no coworking café in Berlin that’s more flexible, central, stylish and useful . Think stable internet connection, plenty of plug sockets and a cappuccino for €2.90, what more could we ask for?


After a productive morning of work at the coworking space we’re heading to congratulate ourselves with a well deserved treat and that means one thing…Ice-cream! Just a 2 minute walk from your morning desk is Ben and Jerry’s ice-cream shop. Even with a selection of vegan flavours, it’s the best sweet treat, so don’t miss out.


From there we’re going to walk to Volkspark am Weinberg, just another minute up the road you’ll find this small but picturesque spot in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg. Soak up sun in the park, eat your ice cream and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere for a little while before we’re off to our next stop.


Actually you’ll probably be able to see our next location from where you were just sat. Over the road from Weinberg park is Ocelot book shop, my favourite book shop in Berlin. Here you’re sure to find plenty of wonderful books, planners, postcards and gifts and it’s coffee shop is even pretty lovely too!


Now it’s time for a museum, now we’re off to the Kulturbrauerei to see the Alltag in the DDR exhibition. Just 12 minutes on the M12 tram from our last location, you’ll find the the Kulturbrauerei near the stop UBahn Eberswalder Straße /Pappelallee. At the moment 2 different exhibitions are located at the Kulturbrauerei, one showcasing photos from across Germany after the fall of the Berlin wall and another depicting life in the DDR. Both exhibitions are free and really are worth going to visit. Suitable for all, these exhibitions are a hidden gem and located in an architecturally impressive location.


You can’t be in Prenzlauer Berg and not go to one of the amazing yoga spots so that’s where we’re going now! Head to Yoga Café for a great session with either a german or english speaking teacher. Each class is catered to a different level so it’s the perfect place to go as a newbie or even as a pro. With about 12 people in a class, sessions are intimate so you can get the attention you need to perfecting that warrior pose and staff are friendly and happy to answer questions. Whatever the time of day this is a great sport to go and check out so make sure you do so!


Dinner time! Today we’ve been on the go a lot so it’s time for a big bowl of something tasty, and luckily for us that’s just what our dinner spot today offers! With a 13 minute walk door to door you’ll have enough time to shake your legs our before dinner at The Flying Monkey. This spot is cool, tasty and fashionable with some great Asian food.


We made it! You’ve survived the Monday morning email fiasco and have still had a great afternoon treating yourself to Prenzlauer Berg’s finest spots. There’s no better way to celebrate than by heading to Sharlie Cheen, just an 8 minute ride away via the M1 tram to Rosenthaler Platz. Just a stone’s throw from our coworking spot this morning you’ve come a whole circle and really explored the best of this area. We recommend you to order the Gin Basil Smash and you’ll finish your day as fresh and chilled as you started it! Enjoy!


Heya, this has been ten to ten. my new mini blog series guiding you through my favourite activities and days in Berlin. We start off with a coffee at ten am and end with an even stronger drink at ten pm. Come along for the ride! Read our last one here!

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