A rainy-day in the Zillertal

A few weeks ago I left the hum of the big city in the search for some fresh air! My boyfriend and I visited the Zillertal in Austria. Having spent many summers and winters here I am already completely convinced it is one of Austrias most breathtaking corners, and after just 10 days he was convinced too!

The first few days were stunning weather, so we relaxed, hit the outdoor pools and enjoyed leaving our phones behind. Overall the 10 days we had in the Zillertal were wonderful but we had some pretty unpredictable weather- something one should always expect when holidaying in Austria. I’ll be posting a blog of all my favourite hikes soon, including those we got round to doing but I also wanted to touch on the indoor activities we did to get the most out of our break and to escape the weather!

1. Bouldering

We were determined to have an active holiday, and that meant whatever the weather! We had originally planned to go outdoor bouldering in Ginzling, or near Zillergrund dam but the weather conspired against us. Instead we packed up our bags and headed down the valley to an indoor climbing and boulder-hall. Although not as extensive as the halls we are used to in Berlin, the place was vibrant, large and built for people of all levels. The hall provided us with everything we needed. Looking for indoor equivalents of outdoor activities was really important for us to not feel as if we were missing out and definitely got us out of the house!

2. Kegelbahn

In the town where we were staying there was a small Kegelbahn owned by one of the hotels, when rainy day after another kept coming we had to get creative with things to do, and that meant trying it out! The lane cost us €12 for the hour but we had the whole place to ourselves! The bowling was definitely something from the last century but that made it even more fun, the floor was wobbly and uneven, the pins were held up by string and we even recorded our games on a little chalkboard. The whole activity made us both laugh a lot and got us away from the crowds who were also all looking for something to do whilst the rain was coming down.

3. Kino

Also where the Kegelbahn was situated, was a tiny little cinema consisting of one small screen and a little popcorn stand. Having looked what was on we didn’t fancy it, so instead one evening we got home from our day out early and made our own cinema. We went through all of my family’s DVD’s and found some that neither of us had watched before. The cinema we created cost us nothing, beer and wine was on tap, we had the balcony door open all night with the mountains in the background and it was the cosiest night in. Normally, I’d feel a little boring for staying in on an evening whilst on holiday but it was perfect-the film “the long walk” was pretty good too!

4. Boardgames

We played a lot! I love getting my family around the table and playing cards or boardgames together but it only happens rarely whilst on holiday. Whatever the game, it’s the perfect way to pass a few hours; after all a bit of friendly competition never hurt anybody…unless it’s monopoly. We played a lot of games during our holiday it kept us away from our phones, kept us laughing and there were even no fallouts!

5. Head out anyway!

The last, and probably most important thing, we did in Austria on a rainy day was to still head outside! There’s only so much rain-dodging you can do, and after all we had escaped Berlin to get in touch with nature! It’s only water and nothing that some waterproofs and a warm shower afterwards can’t solve. So, even when the weather looked less than pleasant we still headed off, up and out. One day we went up a mountain via cable car with no view whatsoever, did a little walk and sat on a sun-lounger with our coats on playing a board-game! Even if that sounds crazy, we had a great time, laughed a lot and got our daily dose of fresh air.

((There’s a lot more to come in regards to notes from our Austria trip but that’s it for now! ))


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