A Day-Off-Tourist

Heya, this is ten to ten. my new mini blog series guiding you through my favourite activities and days in Berlin. We start off with a coffee at ten am and end with an even stronger drink at ten pm. Come along for the ride!

Day 01. Name: A day off tourist

Perfect for: Those living in Berlin looking for things to do to remind them of their love for the city. Got a day off this week and wondering what to do with it to make it a little out of the ordinary? Here you go folks…

Business: 10/10

Sights: 10/10

Museums: 0/10

Food: 7/10

Workout: 10/10

Cocktails: 8/10

Cost: €€-From coffee to cocktail for €65


Every good day starts with superb coffee. This morning we’re heading to Zeit für Brot just off Rosa Luxemburg Platz, quieter than others, this is the best spot to soak up the morning sun and start your day. Tip: Remember to take one of those sweet treats to go, you’ll need it later!


Next up we’re off to our first sight of the day, Berlin’s famous Siegesaule. From our coffee stop take the 100 Bus from Spandauer Straße/ Marienkirche, you’ll drive down Unter den Linden -without paying the tourist rate and really feel like you’re on holiday for the day. Get off the bus at Großer Stern and take the underground tunnel to reach the Siegesaule. Just €3 to climb the tower and believe us-the views are worth it! Finish by going through the little information centre before you leave and then rest those legs with the next short journey on the bus.


Back on the 100 bus for 5 stops at Grosser Stern we’re now off to Bikini Berlin, Berlin’s snazziest shopping mall. Filled with little boutique pop up shops and a fancy food court to make your eyes water this place will change your thoughts own what a mall should look out. Get off at Breitscheidplatz and you’ll see it straight away. Head inside to discover all the amazing things on offer and to sit by the huge glass wall looking into the monkey enclosure of the Berlin Zoo. This is where you get your Zeit für Brot Schneke out- remember? We told you you’d need it for later! Make use of the AC and free Wifi before we’re off again!


About that Zoo…let’s go in! Right next to the Bikini is both Berlin Zoo and Berlin Aquarium. Head over and get your ticket, €15.50 for an adult or €10.50 for students. Filled with tree covered paths, beautiful architecture and really wonderful attention to animal welfare; Berlin is, rightfully so, home to one of the best Zoos in Europe. Don’t miss: the Panda house, the Seals and watching the Penguins being fed at 2pm.  

Berlin Zoo: Stop number 4 ten.to.ten.


Time for some refuelling don’t you think? From Berlin Zoologischer Garten tae the SBahn one stop to Savignyplatz. 3 Minutes later you’re suddenly away from the hustle and bustle and taken to a quiet end of town filled with book and antique shops. A one minute walk and you’ve arrived at Nah am Wasser. This café has everything from platters, warm lunch meals to slabs of homemade cakes. Refuel and get all your energy ready for today’s work out!


A 5 minute walk will take you to Ride Berlin. Berlin’s best indoor cycling full-body work out. Get ready for some serious energy, passion, music, lights and sweat! These 50 minute sessions include a 5 minute stretch at the end and the facilities offer everything you could need to feel your best after too. Shoes, bike, water, banger playlist, showers, towels and toiletries are all provided. Just bring socks! Get your first 3 rides for only €39 euros, it’s a must so don’t miss out!


After giving your all at Ride and freshly showered, your ready to get some good grub in you once again! This evening we’re off to Tiergarten’s Café am Neuen See. Back on the Sbahn from Savignyplatz we’re going 3 stops to Tiergarten. Then walk 10 minutes through the green oasis and you’ll find the cutest lake, biergarten and hangout spot. The relaxed vibe means you’ll see people there for a pizza, a bier or just an ice cream. You’ve had a busy day so you probably deserve all 3. 


Sit back and relax, we’re off to our last stop of the day. The drink that ends this pretty perfect day off can be found at Cocktailbar Zeitlos, just 3 stops on the bus from your dinner spot. Grab the nachos to share and a couple of cocktails to test among your friendship group. This is the perfect place to forget about being back at work tomorrow even just for a couple of hours. The beachy vibe and relaxed seating here is a dream and the perfect hidden gem that only a Berliner-day-tourist would know about. Enjoy!

Cocktails are our last stop. ten.to.ten.

I hope you liked our first ten.to.ten. blog post. If you visit any of the spots I’ve recommended make sure to tag us on Instagram @the_temporary_resident and tell us about your favourite spots in Berlin below!


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