The month of sunshine, 21st birthdays and moving countries…again.

June was a very busy month! Here’s what I managed to squeeze in!


The first two weekends of the month I had friends come out to visit me in Utrecht. It was lovely to see some familiar faces and I used the opportunity to see some new sights with them. We went to a wine festival, visited Zaandam and Zaanse Schans, celebrated Pride, explored Utrecht a little more and visited the World Press Photo Exhibition in Amsterdam to name but just a few things! I think these weekends were exactly what we all needed!

Days out

The panic to cross everything off our ‘must see and do’ list set in just before our time in Utrecht was up, so some friends and I made it our mission to do as much as we possibly could! My favourite things we did were to finally have a BBQ together, go on a day out to visit a castle in the countryside and to go to Scheveningen beach at the Hague. They were a great way to round off our time in Utrecht and provided a very well needed break from all of our exams and essay deadlines.


2 more down! Not quite sure how many still to go…but still, at least one of my new year’s goals to read more is still going. In June I read, Conversations with Friends by Sally Rooney and This is Going to Hurt by Adam Kay. I loved the latter and would really recommend it to others.


The end of May and first few days of June we finally went camping! This was another of the things I wanted to do in 2019 and it was a lot of fun. As long as the weather’s good, there really is nothing better!


Sadly inevitable…and compulsory! I’d had quite a few presentations and assessments as I went along this semester so the load was eased and I only had 4 language exams and 1 essay to write. The essay was quite awful but by that point I’d lost a lot of motivation and sleep so ‘done’ was the aim and I got there eventually!

Leave Utrecht

After 5 months, I packed my things up and headed off again. There we go, year abroad done! Now I’ll have to find something new to write about on here!

Back ‘home-home’

From the Netherlands I headed back to the U.K. for 3 nights. I was treated to a lovely family birthday lunch and a well needed catch up with everyone. I really enjoyed the few days back…as well as someone else making me a tea every now and then.

Moving to Berlin

Here we are again!!! This time last year I was full of nerves and expectation about my move to the big city! Now, this time, I’m a lot more settled, at home and even happier than I was the first time. I’m looking forward to the Summer here, and thank god for fans and AC! 😉

My 21st!

Just a few days into being back in Berlin it was my 21st birthday. I was surprised with a day of sailing which was so exciting! The day was chilled and great, of course finished off with a trip to the outdoor cinema in the evening.

Starting a new job!

(Well that was technically the 1st July but I think I can still include it here!) I’m one shift in, and can say that this is the perfect thing for me! I feel like I’ve struck gold again and can’t wait to get settled there even more over the next few weeks.


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