The job search…again!

In April 2018 I got told I’d got an internship in Berlin, I had the Summer of my life and met the most amazing people. The same time this year I found myself on the job hunt again.

After deciding that my priority this Summer was being back in the big city I knew I needed another little job alongside what I’m currently doing to get me by and to compete with Berlin’s crazy expensive housing. So I got up and started the search with the keyword ‘Berlin’ in the search bar and seeing what came up.

Honestly, god only knows how many jobs I applied for, I knew I’d have just short of 3 months available and that I’d be able to work anything under an internship, a working student, freelance or part time. I thought my scope was pretty wide and was applying for Marketing and Social Media positions which I already have experience in. I didn’t do too badly, out of the positions I applied for I got about 10 interviews, of which 3 I then went to do some ‘pre-offer assignments’ for and 2 where I was down to the final 2 candidates. But every time I fell short. It was the most frustrating situation and bouncing back after every rejection became harder meaning my heart wasn’t in it anymore.

My biggest difficulties were that I wouldn’t be able to do a ‘Pflichtpraktikum’ -wanted by most start-ups and small businesses, and second, that I wouldn’t be able to survive off an internship wage offered by most companies. When your 40hr a week pay per month ranges from 300€ to 500€ and your rent is 400€ – 600€ per month, the maths seems to get a little scary.

So I thought about why I was applying for another internship in this area, and apart from that I thought it was the right thing to do, I really have no good reasons for you. I was spending an immense amount of time, energy, attention and stress applying for jobs that were tolerable because having the security of just any job was better than nothing. It wasn’t a fun time. I decided to ditch the shit labour of interning for money which would go straight to a room and try and get something more customer-facing. I was really open to doing something café/ shop based. Someone I knew from an article I wrote owns the best fitness studio in Berlin and without giving too many details it was the perfect fit. I sent a short email explaining my situation and a few days later I had the interview and then got the shiny, glowing email with a big, fat, beautiful ‘YES’.

I don’t regret the whole process because it’s landed me the best option possible for this summer but it was a huge joke at times. The morning of the day we went on our exciting weekend trip to Paris I was putting together a pdf of work for a company which I’d had an interview with and put my everything into it. I wanted to because then at least I can say I now that couldn’t have done any better but long story short I got rejected after being down to me and just one other person. I’m sure they’re better qualified than I, but it just felt like the final straw. This, teamed with many emails saying that the 3 month limit was going to be an issue, even though they knew about it from the start made me want to give up. I’m so glad I decided to find something that is more for me and less for a specific career path and I know that my new job is a perfect fit.

Top 3 time wasters of job applications:

  1. The stress of finding a job.
  2. Pre-offer assignments.
  3. Declining you the position based on circumstances they already knew.

Top 3 take aways of finding a job:

  1. You get lots of experience.
  2. You stop spending time on ‘opportunities’ which aren’t worth it.
  3. You end up with a pretty sick job.

It’s just over 2 weeks until I start my new job, it will mean early mornings, some late nights but it’s going to be great. I’ve lucked out and can’t wait to say more about it another time.


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