My top tips for the second half of your year abroad

From a person that fell in love in the first half and had to leave to set up home somewhere new in the second!

I’ll cut the first half of the story: We all know I fell in love with Berlin. Found purpose in my first ‘proper job’, made a good gang of friends and went head over heels for a person or two. How cliché…

But what I’d never heard from someone on their year abroad previously was how they dealt with the transition from destination 1 to destination 2.

I had a pretty bumpy transition and definitely felt a little lost along the way so I thought I’d note down my top tips and things to remember for someone who’s trying to settle in their new place whilst wishing they had the comfort and love of the first place.

1. The first destination will stay put even though you don’t!

You’re not banished from your first destination the moment you leave!

2. Good friends will make time for you wherever in the world you are!

And making the effort to stay in touch is worth it’s weight in gold.

3. ‘Making home’ is important

Pictures, postcards and a couple of house plants make the world of difference.

4. Making plans is important too

Little milestones can keep you going and keep smiles the right way up.

5. See change as an opportunity

Easy to say, harder to do but feels amazing once you’ve given it ago.

6. Have a cry

It’s needed sometimes, but remember we all have those days and it’s just a blip.

7. Remind yourself of the daily realities of destination number one.

There were probably some pretty tricky days there too!

8. Make new amazing memories in destination number two.

Relish the new opportunity you’ve been given and make sure you remember it for the best reasons.

9. Smile.

It’s the best medicine.

10. It’s all part of the experience!

The cliché phrase that sums a Year Abroad up perfectly. It’s all part of the process and it’ll be gone before you know it.


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