One Day in Warsaw

Stop number one on our 5 day whistle stop tour of Poland was Warsaw. (The trip itself we can only describe as ‘an experience’ but more on that later!😂)

Warsaw was stunning, far more so than I’d expected. I really don’t actually know what I did expect from Warsaw but it definitely wasn’t what I saw. I saw a lot of similarities with the architecture I’ve seen a lot of in Austria and specifically Vienna. Pale pastel buildings, while stone used to build illustrious, grand buildings and wide streets with flower beds on each side.

The ‘old town’ area of Warsaw is what fascinated me the most. Pierogie stands, watercolour painters and crooked buildings squeezed together made the place beautiful and look different from every angle.

After some brunch, an explore, lots of picture taking, and some very tasty sorbet (all whilst trying to constantly work out conversion rates in our heads between Złoty and Euro) we went on a walking tour to understand the history of the place. I’ve never really looked into Polish history to be honest apart from more recent 20th Century events. I was in awe of the rich cultural history Warsaw has to offer and learning just a little made me definitely want to learn a lot more about it!

After our 2 hour walking tour we were all shattered from a long journey and a full day of exploring somewhere new and taking everything in. So, we collapsed into a traditional Polish restaurant and ate soup and dumplings: Not the most waistline aiding meal ever, but calories don’t count when you’re exploring. When in Rome right!?

It’s fair to say Warsaw is on my list of places I have to go back to. I had a great day, the people were so lovely, the food hearty and cheap and the city so surprising.


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