Visits, hugs and a lot of Pizza

A few weeks ago I needed a pick me up, and there’s no better pick me up than a visitor, especially one you like a lot…

I’d come to a point where I was pretty sure there wasn’t really too much more worth exploring in my not-so-newish-anymore home. In Utrecht, although I do like it and feel comfortable there, there isn’t the busstling and vibrant scene that my last home, Berlin, offers. I was getting down and a visit, some hugs and a lot of Pizza was exactly what I needed.

Visitors can really help to rediscover the place you live in or make it a little more exciting, you’re given someone who is completely new in the place and with the energy and excitement to explore that you might have lost a little while ago. Having a visitor to stay can definitely light back up the ‘exploring spark’ in you and help you to see somewhere very ‘normal’ in a completely different light.

The whole week was so good, and somethings are better left to remember personally rather than publicly but what I will say is that the visit involved a night on a boat in Amsterdam, museums, amazing Asian food, lots of Narcos, some baking, a walk to a pancake house and lots of laughing.

Self care and overcoming difficult times by yourself is important, has to be done sometimes and is an essential part of growing up…But sometimes it also feels really good to be looked after and given a boost by someone who’s travelled 635km to see you.

The week helped me to see where I live in a new light and was exactly what we needed. So today if you’re feeling crap I’m telling you to text a friend, ask if they want to come and visit and go and fall in love with the place where your everyday routine takes place.

(And have some good pizza)


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