My 2019 goals update: 4 months in…

Okay so somehow we’re already 4 months into 2019?! As I’m writing this in Berlin right now sun is shining through the windows, the flowers on my windowsill are blooming and spring is well and truly here!

It seems like the perfect time to look at that list I made myself at the beginning of the year and, as daunting as it may be, see whether I’m still on track to achieving everything I originally wanted to in 2019. So let’s address them one at a time…

-Be more aware of my plastic waste.

Yeah, definitely one I’m keeping up with. I’m not great yet I’ll admit, and travelling sometimes makes it even harder. Excuses, excuses I know but it’s a learning curve and I’m definitely becoming ever more conscious of plastic and waste in general as well as learning how to live more sustainably.

-To keep on going with my languages. 

Well I’m speaking a lot of them if that counts haha! Truth be told I’m currently enrolled on a language course in the Netherlands and it’s managed to slip down to one of my last priorities. One to improve on I think we can all agree.

To read 10 or more books.

Yes! I am on number 3, 4 and 5 at the moment at the same time. These are: ‘No is not enough’ by Naomi Klein, ‘Conversations with Friends’ by Sally Rooney and ‘The Art of Not Falling Apart’ by Christina Patterson. I’m aiming to finish at least 2 of these this month so I’m more than on schedule and have just done a big old book order online so there’s no sign of stopping anytime soon! 🙂

To continue building what I’m starting to set up!

I’m my own worst enemy. When I first read this one I instantly thought: ‘meh, who knows!?’ But actually that’s not true. This month has been a little iffy so far but hellooooo that’s because I had Uni exams and my family came to visit. And I’m definitely not too bothered that the blog suffered a little because of that. Actually I hit a milestone in early March when I earned my first USD cent from our lovely scribbles and community here. Don’t think I’m now raking it in…I’m not haha! But it felt like a big moment nevertheless.

To travel to at least 3 new countries.

Oh yes we are!!! Okay so I’ve only visited one new country so far: Poland, but I’ve also had a lot of great day trips to new places I’ve not been to yet and have been back to Berlin, where I feel most at home, 3 times this year too. I’m off to Brussels next week, and although I’ve driven through Belgium many times, I’ve never seen any of the cities so I’m kinda counting this as one more and am currently putting together some more trips asap!

-To buy myself a new camera!

The saga continues…I’d love to but arghh the cost! My laptop is constantly on the brink of a complete black hole so until I have a laptop sized money safety blanket… I won’t be getting the new addition to the family any time soon.

-To be kinder to myself.

I’m not doing too badly, that’s easy for me to say today because my head’s in a good place and I’m currently not 635km away from my everything in Berlin. It’s up and down and a bit of a rollercoaster ride, I think at the moment I’m giving myself a break when I need it, nights in when I need them and speaking more honestly and openly about mental health. It seems to be the right thing to do right now.

-To keep grounded and connected with people from home, Sheffield and Berlin.!!! This one is going really well I’m off to Bonn to stay with one of my best Uni friends from the U.K. and will hopefully catch up with another one whilst I’m there. There’s nothing better than old friends and although it can be tricky to stay in contact all the time, when you need them they’re the first ones to pick up the phone.

To do a half marathon.

I’m very pleased to say there will be at least 2 finishing shirts in my possession by the end of the year! In just under a month I have my first ever race -my belly just flipped even just thinking about it!😂It’s a 15km race so I’ve been training pretty well and am kind of even looking forward to it. I’ve even got a friend coming to visit me that weekend so I’m being even more spurred on by that! I’ll let you know how it goes!😉

To go camping!

No plans yet…But a friend of mine promises to take me to the Ostsee when It’s warmer so fingers crossed.

To do a 2-day hike.

Maybe one for Summer? My family spend every summer in the Austrian Alps and I’d love to join them again this year even if it’s only a for a few days. During this time I’d love to do a proper overnight hike and see the sunrise somewhere incredible.

To work out my steps for Summer.

We’re getting there! It looks like I’ll be back in Berlin this Summer…bring on the room search again!

All in all, not too shabby! This check in was definitely needed and has got me thinking about both what I’ve achieved so far as well as the things I maybe should give a little more thought to. 🙂 Happy Spring everyone


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