Take your headphones out.

I recently lost my headphones. Headphones are always doing one of two things: tangling themselves up mysteriously or completely disappearing. After a hissy fit and spending too much money on Amazon to get some more in the post, I was faced with the terrifying and soul-crushing 1st world problem that I would have a few days to a week without headphones.

And actually, I really liked it!

Here’s a few things I started doing -or stopped doing-when I didn’t have headphones around

I realised what it’s like to to work in silence

I was so used to doing everything with music. And I actually realised I revise and study better without music. This was a bit of an epiphany for me but it was so different to be sat in a library with my notes, able to hear a pin drop rather than to have some crazy noise being pumped into my head every second.

I was more relaxed

My mornings were a lot more chill. Instead of putting my music on and headphones in for my morning email checks I took a more gradual start to waking up and doing my first few jobs. I woke up more relaxed and gradually let my mind comprehend what needed to be done that day. Sometimes music, especially fast pace music, really helps me write and be productive but actually feeling more relaxed and going at a more gradual pace meant I was productive for longer and overall got a lot much more done by the end of the day. It’s a marathon not a sprint.

I read more

We all know by now that I’m a little secret book worm. I never thought I’d be the kind of person that could have more than one book on the go at one time, but hey here we are! When I didn’t have my headphones on me, instead of getting lost in the dark downward spiral that is Youtube after 11.30pm I actually read…and then fell asleep before 2am! It was magic. At first I felt a little bored but it actually forced me to have a more normal -and healthy!- night time routine. I’m trying to stay away from screen time in bed, it’s easier said than done but now I actually look forward to reading before bed. Who knew?!

I danced around my room more

I think I listened to less music but when I did, oh boy did I turn it up. Madonna renditions before bed? Yes please! When I listened to music, I paid more attention to it and enjoyed it more. Sorry to my flat mates but it felt great!

I noticed what’s going on around me a LOT more!

In general whether it was cycling to or from uni, working, studying or having down time, the biggest take away I got from the whole thing was that I was paying more attention to things around me! I realised I liked a lot of the benefits I’d unexpectedly gotten from being away from my headphones and since have been using them a lot less.

So did I get new headphones?

After about a week and a half, one failed amazon delivery and refund…I found my headphones in a pair of old jeans…*facepalm*


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