That time of the month

Caught you! 😛I’m talking about the last week of the month…why? Because it’s ALWAYS SO STRESSFUL!!!

Every month I plod along and feel like I’m keeping my head enough above water until one morning when I open my calendar and to do list and it’s magically the 25th again and time for my head to explode.

Next month won’t be like this one!

The same pretty little lie I tell myself every month… So far, 3-ish months into freelancing the last week of the month has always been the most stressful. Juggling everything can be a bit precarious at the best of times but during the last week of the month, usually something has to give!

Why is it stressful?

It’s tricky to pinpoint exactly but I think a large amount of the worry comes from the evaluation that comes with the end of the month. Invoices get sent out and I talk with the teams I work with as to what went well, what content worked and how we should move forward next month. I do work hard and never put out articles I don’t like but naturally some do better than others and no matter how much you put your heart and soul into something, commercially the reaction to the post is what counts a lot of the time.

I need to get better at this!

I’m not sure if there’s a way to get around this stress at the end of the month, it’s easy to compare your own work schedule with Instagram stories of flat lays of perfectly frothed coffee and pristine Macbooks with the caption ‘work day’ or ‘work lunch’ but realistically my freelancing is 40% made up of post-it’s, to do lists, feeling like I’m running behind and busting my ass at the end of the month to make everything work and fall into place.

The strangest thing for me is that even though I usually really dislike this week when I’m in the middle of it, when I’m out and the sun is shining again I realise it’s actually been my most productive week and I get a huge rush of satisfaction when I see everything that I achieved. Maybe I’m not doing too badly at it sometimes after all but hindsight is a wonderful thing haha!

It’s a necessary evil

At the end of the day I know I’m super lucky to have a job and business which I can do flexibly around my studies and living abroad. For the cost of a week of heightened stress, I know that it’s worth it. The last week of the month, my head is always spinning with targets and evaluations and what I could possibly do more of or better the next month, and maybe this is necessary too. Without pushing ourselves we don’t see much progress, and for me, progress is something that I’m really proud of when I notice it. The push to do better and grow what I do makes me better at what I do and I realise how much I care about what I do when I’m in the middle of the busiest week of the month.

I’m off to write like there’s no tomorrow-stay tuned for some exciting things coming soon…Well as ‘soon’ as I can possibly make them come without self combusting!😅


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