Getting my bounce back

It’s like getting your mojo back…but a little less mid-life-crisisey. At the start of the month I always feel really motivated and ready to reinvent myself into some hyper-productive and sociable little bouncy ball…To be fair I usually manage to keep it going a little over 2 weeks but then I just crash!

This month, I was working solidly and more effectively than I have arguably for a long time because I knew I had a visitor coming in the third week of the month. I was so so so looking forward to getting a visit, I honestly think I really needed a friendly and comfortable pick me up at the time.

The visit was wonderful and involved staying overnight on a boat in Amsterdam and LOTS of good food and sightseeing but more on that another time.

They left on a Tuesday morning, and that’s kinda when shit hit the fan. I was thrust back into the real world. Saw the red numbers on the dreaded bank statement, the emails I had left unread and that I had a paper deadline on the Friday and a final exam in 6 days. Queue the panic monster…

So I did what any normal person would do, booked 3 spinning classes and got 11 hours of sleep. I avoided the temptation to become overwhelmed by the shit-storm heading for me because the time off had been worth it. I’d known all along that before and after the visit I’d have to work my ass off, even more so than normal but because of the much needed time out (and pizza) I’d happily do it 100 times over.

After my little visitors left I expected myself to go into work mode automatically and get back to hustling, paper writing and exam revising but I just didn’t. I had a really slow first day and was so annoyed with myself. I’d just given myself 6 days doing the bare minimum so why couldn’t I now get my ass in gear and work hard to make up for it?

The simple answer is just that I didn’t want to! Having had such an amazing, stress free and laughter filled few days, why would I want to go back to being confined inside the University’s library walls and revise genocide after genocide and continue to write one film and book review after another? I don’t think anyone would really feel that enthused about getting back to normal in this case.

After feeling a bit sorry for myself, I’m trying to tell myself that the daily and weekly hustle is kind of what makes the time off both doable and so enjoyable. I’m so blessed to have the best people who say they’ll visit and deliver on doing so and I can’t wait for more adventures with my next set of visitors in two weeks time. Trips and visitors are what keep me both grounded and working hard. Catching up with the people who mean most to me and exploring new places is what I live for and I can’t wait to hopefully do more of both of them in April. Airbnb, Skycanner and Facetime regularly give me my bounce back and needless to say, I’m ready to hit the library tomorrow…

I heard a sneaky rumour someone might be doing a little trip around Spain soon…?😉


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