The Art of Plodding Along

Sometimes we’re so focused on improvement and constantly striving for that better grade, the next step job-wise, travelling more, being more social or finally working on getting the body you wake up every day and tell yourself you’re going to start working on getting. But most of the time I feel like I’m too busy -and exhausted- plodding along to let alone focus on the next big step to improving something in particular.

Plodding is just fine

I just want to plod for a while! I also want to start working out properly again, making exciting steps with my work, going on trips abroad at weekends with friends and also breeze through University. But that’s just not going to happen.

It’s come to my attention that this pace of life and my current situation is really not a sustainable weekly plan. For now, I need to take a step back and learn to not make myself feel like I’m failing in the process. I need to start appreciating the things I am doing and feel less guilty about the things I’m letting pass by!

Plodding is hard!

‘Plodding’ doesn’t mean that you don’t like what you do but it does mean that you often put your heart and soul into all the different aspects of life that you’ve got going on that there doesn’t seem to be much time for yourself at the end of it. Plodding along is necessary, we have to grind to get the things we want and often I feel so rewarded for the things I’ve done that seemed impossible on that particular day. Plodding is necessary, it’s often good but it can be hard too sometimes.

Little Legos build big towers…

My ‘2 blog days’ are when my mind most often combusts. These are usually Wednesdays when I publish a blog on my page and on the other website I write for. Is the grammar okay? What will the reception be like? What will the retention time be? Will I reach my ‘views’ goals? Blah, blah, blah… My 2 to 4 blog articles I publish on a normal week are only little Lego bricks on my to do list.

Other little Legos are split into my University modules, any exams or papers I have coming up, my Dutch language course I do two evenings a week, work emails, job applications, socialising, exercising…and just anything else that comes onto my to-do list. Sometimes even just returning people’s missed calls ends up constituting little mini Lego connecting pieces. What’s the point of this ridiculous but kinda fun analogy? Well, basically that all of these things are all different shapes and sizes, some take longer than others to complete and some we quite frankly like doing more than others. But in the end they all get done at the end of the week or month and they come together to build a tower which constitutes everything you’ve completed, whether you thought you could or not.

Sometimes when you look at the tower at the end of the week, there’s still some Legos on the floor that didn’t quite make it into your structure and they’ll have to wait until the next week, 2 weeks or month to be incorporated in. It’s easy to feel a little defeated when you see them still messily scattered all around you but hey, you did your best and no time management scheme could have changed that. Even if it did, you might self combust a little more than normal, and if we’ve learnt one thing so far it’s that that’s definitely not worth one more thing ticked off the list now is it?

So what now?

Plod along with no shame! Take a step back and look at all your Legos scattered around you. What is doable? And, what do you want to do? And, what do you have to do? All 3 of those things are really important to consider and appreciate together. Look at your tower so far this week, pat yourself on the back and take the next Lego block one step at a time.


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