The best Sunday

There’s nothing that screams Spring more than Sundays at Mauerpark and it is one of my absolute favourite places to be on the best day of the week.

The last time I was in Berlin, I dragged one of my nearest and dearest out of their Sunday cosy cave to jump on the tram, head to Mauerpark and to enjoy all of the things that make this one of the best ways to spend the best day of the week!

Time out!

We’re all so busy so much of the time, we never really switch off or take time to just appreciate what’s around us. This brings me to my first reason why I love Mauerpark Sundays… Every time I go to Mauerpark I feel like I’m blessedly forced to get off my phone, chill out, soak up some sunshine and just appreciate the people and place around me.

There’s not much that chills me out more than sitting on the bank, reading a book or chatting and eating with friends. It’s the perfect meeting point and whenever I’ve got visitors in Berlin, or even am just back there for the weekend myself at the moment, I go. It’s a must and I think if you’re new in Berlin or just visiting for a few days, its something which offers a nice bit of rest-bite from museum after museum! (Not that that’s the worst thing in the world anyway!)


If you love yourself independent artists or creatives then Mauerpark is the place to find some new inspiration and is a brilliant way to support smaller, but far more fabulous people than you’ll see every day. I love Yves Kervoelen’s work and he is usually at Mauerpark, follow him on Instagram to see where he’s going to be the next week! His work is heavily Berlin inspired and is so lovely!

Into art on a bigger scale? Your favourite Sunday spot has that too! Mauerpark is infamous for street art and graffiti. Whenever you’re there on a nice day, artists will be painting and repainting-it’s great to sit and watch or to take pictures of! Highly recommend!📸 


I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t often our main reason in our Sunday outings here. The street food is YUMMY and there’s something for everyone. There’s one Korean stall, (whose name I never remember🤦‍♀️) which is delicious! Anyhow, wherever you get your food at Mauerpark I’m sure it’ll be delicious. Top tip, the grass banking was made for recovering from food-comas and food-babies alike. If you’re a newbie and might not go back to this area of Berlin for a while then whilst you’re at Mauerpark make sure you save room in your stomach for a visit to Zeit für Brot just down the road.


This is so Berlin. I love the people and the feel of Mauerpark on a Sunday. Granted it can get a bit hectic and there can be a bit of the ‘sardine-tin’ situation but it’s worth it! I keep going back, no matter the weather and whether I’m with visitors, friends who also live in Berlin or by myself and that tells me it’s a special place. Some of my most favourite days in Berlin ever have been spent here and I can’t wait for many more.

Have a very happy Sunday!


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