Why I don’t care about your cold showers…

Okaaaaay here we go! I can hear the disagreements already. Wooo!

Has anyone else been bombarded with ‘influencers’ praising themselves and looking for praise elsewhere for taking cold showers for 20ish days in a row?

At the moment my Instagram feed seems to be full of it, and after biting my tongue for a while I thought I’d make a post about why I’m sick of seeing it, why I don’t think it’s impressive and why you shouldn’t either…

Gratification from others.

Be at peace with yourself, do the things that bring you joy or knowledge. If that’s taking on the challenge then great, go for it. As I’ve said many times before I really believe in setting goals and challenges to achieve the things you aim to, but why should you have to have it validated by others? This online challenge is absolutely about validation from others, and I won’t accept being told that it’s not. Why? 2 simple reasons:

  1. I don’t care about the challenge if you are doing it for your own inner competition and interest, but the online posting of it is the issue. By posting daily reminders that you’re crushing this challenge you’re continuously reminding people that you are better or more determined than them
  2. This brings me to my second point. By putting another little red cross in a circle each day you’re craving online attention and simply looking for a response. You want the emoji reaction of the clapping hands or heart-eyed emoji to be sent to you and you want to make others

What should we praise you for?

844 million people don’t have clean water.

In a world where this many people around the world still have no access to clean water, we have to acknowledge our daily privilege and not make light of ‘challenge’ which for millions would be an incredible privilege. This challenge is all about boosting your immune system and getting yourself out of your comfort zone and this is completely innocent. But, my good friend influencers, if you are posting your success daily and acting as if you are experiencing something torturingly awful then get over yourselves. I don’t have time to listen to people online, in an extremely comfortable existence, preaching their discomfort and asking for praise when they are completely ignorant to the world we live in, even in the 21st century. I’m no human rights activist, and although I try to inform myself as much as I can, we all make mistakes. But I cannot sit back and justify these posts when all I can think about is how ridiculous this request for praise is.

Do what you want

But think how you communicate it. To me, this current trend with no regard for how privileged as an individual you are is the absolute epitome of ignorance. We live in such a world now where we are all responsible for educating ourselves and being sensitive and appropriate online. People with many followers (I know subjective but still) need to address their communication with their audiences and SOME-not all- need to get off the pedestals they are putting themselves on and remember that they are no different from anyone else.

Let’s clarify

Hold your horses before you unfollow me.😘I don’t have a problem with the challenge, I’m not disputing the benefits of it or the awareness it could bring to different issues. What I cannot stand is the way it is being communicated through Instagram and the competitive, pushy and ignorant manner in which it is being posted.


That’s absolutely fine! I’d really love to hear other people’s opinions on this one so if you have something to say or a different view on the cold shower Instagram phenomena make sure to write a comment and let me know!

Here’s the facebook page with the daily cross out chart for the challenge so you can learn some more about it!


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