Managing my off days

The irony of this post is, I planned it out and wrote the first draft on a Monday and felt like I absolutely had my shit together…By Friday I was in bed sick because I’d run my body into the ground and was having the lowest day I’ve had for a long while.

So, instead of writing this when I feel completely together and a real girl-boss, I’m writing it whilst pulling myself back together, the day after a really off day! In some ways, it seems entirely more appropriate! So needless to say, the first draft is gone and we’re going to start over together now!

Let’s get back on our feet together!

This is a step by step process and it’s definitely different for everyone but here are just a few things that usually work for me…

Mind over matter:

Step one for me is thinking about the future, how important in a week, a month or 6 months is this thing I’m stressing about or upset over going to be? This mind over matter approach does help me a lot of the time and I’m usually quite disciplined and manage to snap out of my mood relatively quickly. Lists are sometimes really good medicine in breaking down everything you have to do into manageable chunks and can help avoid a Next Top Model-‘makeover week’ style meltdown. (Don’t pretend you don’t know what I’m talking about…)

Give in!

For goodness sake, this is not the time where you should be being mean to yourself! Want a donut? Have it. Feel like buying that t-shirt will make you feel .5% better? Just get it. This sounds really impulsive but I think giving yourself some love when you’re hurting is completely justified. The majority of the time, when we’re on our A-game, we’re really good at avoiding little treats and expenditures that we don’t need to be making. If you have your head screwed on and are savvy like this most of the time then one £14.99 t-shirt isn’t going to be the end of the world. Be kind, give yourself something to smile about and allow yourself a ‘pick me up’.

Focus on health

Having just raved about the importance of donuts, the fun police is back. Green is your friend during your off days! Cook yourself a huge bowl of something healthy. I’m completely on board for snacks, in fact, I’ve genuinely begun to start limiting how many I’m allowed to buy, but I still believe in getting in the kitchen and getting the broccoli out of the freezer. This is not the rabbit food club, but it is the ‘roasted veg and bulgar wheat, tofu, and avocado with all the hummus club.’ You don’t need to be super healthy but getting some good stuff in your system will 100% help you out of the rut.

Have a dance

Just MOVE! Dance, yoga, run, walk, ride a bike, clean the kitchen. WHATEVER! Just make sure you’re not in the fetal position in a stagnant little bed cave. Fresh air is amazing and definitely to be taken advantage of. Peeing it down? -I’m from the U.K. I understand- Open a window, turn that playlist up and dance unapologetically in your room for 20 mins. It’s great, and if someone walks in…well, good friends join you no matter how crazy you look.


When I’m stressed or having an anxious week the first sign is my skin. I’m lucky with my skin a lot of the time but when it’s bad it’s gross. *ENTERS THE BODY SHOP* Appart from taking my makeup off every evening I don’t have a blogger style ‘nighttime routine’, and I’m pretty sure that really not that many people do either. But when I’m having a major moon-crater episode I’ll get out some of my really nice skincare items and refresh my face. This helps me feel so much less sluggish and much more ‘let’s continue fighting the world!’

Speak to someone

Everyone has crappy days and we’ve all been lay there thinking we have no one to talk to every now and again. The power of Facetime is not to be mocked. Having a chat with someone you love and makes you laugh is worth gold. There’s no shame in reaching out, so pick up the phone and let someone know you need them right now.

Do something completely different

Take a little bit of time out to do something that isn’t normally in your daily routine, read a book, draw or organise your sock drawer! It does not matter what but mentally to do something that you usually wouldn’t means that you’re more likely to feel less overwhelmed and refreshed quicker and also actually feel accomplished for doing something that you wouldn’t normally have done.

Know that tomorrow is a new day…

This is probably most important, I know it can be really hard but just remember that whatever went down today, tomorrow can be completely different. A lot of how we feel is how we consciously react to the situations around us so although initial panic is completely understandable, the truth is: how we decide to move forward is up to us. Get a good rest, wake up, smile, put on your new t-shirt and smile again. Today’s a new day and it’s going to be so much better than yesterday.

Take care and smile.


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