Why is Berlin so special?

Someone asked me a few days ago why I don’t base myself in Berlin and travel to other places like Utrecht for Uni and work rather than the other way round? Why do I come back so often and why do I love it so much?

The first question is easy to answer: Right now I have to be somewhere else, I have a full-time schedule of University and work that means I need to be in the Netherlands for at least the next 4 months. And I’m happy here, this little city is sweet and easy to live in. I found my way around very soon after arriving and felt like the slower pace of life than in Berlin was something really comforting. So of course, I will be moving back to Berlin in the near future but for right now I’m happy here! 😊

The second question is a lot more complex and the reasons I love Berlin so much have definitely changed over time.

At first, my love for Berlin was based on the pure amount of things to do, I’d never lived in such a vibrant city before where there was something new to do every day and where you could never be bored. When I first moved, I loved all the range of museums, art, shows, theatres, and attractions that Berlin had to offer.

Then, as I started to settle I found that the different areas of Berlin were so different. My focus shifted from attractions to exploring. I really liked beginning to understand what made every little area unique and the different vibe in each of them. The more I explored, the more I wanted to continue and the more I felt at home. Taking my camera out for little ‘photo missions’ on Sundays was one of my favourite things to do and I got to know the city pretty well if I do say so myself.

I still think you can never have explored all of Berlin but that’s not really the reason I’m still obsessed with it. It definitely makes it easier to love a place which continues to offer you new and exciting things but that’s now just a bonus for me. Right now it’s all about the people and memories.

The memories are a really big reason for me. So much happened in the 6 months I had in Berlin and the vast majority were some of the happiest days and experiences of my life so far. And every time I go back I feel like I make new, really valuable memories. There’s hardly ever a dull day and I feel lucky to continue having so much fun whilst learning so much about myself and the city when I’m there.

Now I go back for the people there. I love my friends there and I actually feel most at home in Berlin at the moment. Life there seems so uncomplicated for me. I know where I’m going, I can get by with the language, I feel like I know a lot about the place itself and I’ve found the places I love to be and the things I love to do.

Summer in Berlin was incredible, I think back to it a lot but I don’t necessarily wish I was back there again. At that time I was finding my feet and still having the occasional wobble. Now, I can’t wait to move back, feel settled and at home and have the most amazing place and people around me to feel as if I’ve never been away.

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