2 Weeks in Utrecht!

One new house, 2 new courses, 3 new housemates, several nights out, a few forced-fun Intro week activities, a bike bought and a spell of concussion…it’s been busy. Time for a life update don’t you think!?

Here’s the low down of my first couple of weeks in Utrecht.

First off there’s the journey…

Most of you will probably know by now that flying isn’t my favorite thing in the world, which is ironic considering how much I tend to do it! But it really did take all my might not to panic too much. Considering it was such a short flight, 50mins in total, I have never had such a difficult journey. I felt completely worked up for the majority of the whole day and really struggled to relax in any sense. I was met at Schipol airport by 3 lovely Dutch girls from ESN and they popped me on the train, I saw my first windmills and was soon in Utrecht, the city I’ll call home for the next few months.

Meeting my new family!

As I got near my house, I messaged the group chat consisting of my new housemates and saw a friendly face lean out of my front door. I was so relieved and I knew then that I’d be just fine! I lucked out! I’m in a house with 3 other international students and this is something I’m really grateful for having lived alone for quite some time now. They’re a lovely bunch and I’m very lucky to have them around! 🙂

Being a student again.

This has taken some adjustment for sure! And I’ll definitely write about this more in another post because I think there’s a lot to it but slowly but surely I’m getting the hang of it. I’m not in love with it and feel like I definitely don’t have as much independence as I did when I was working full time but I’m getting used to it and have my head back in some books!

Finding my pedals!

Of course, I had to get a bike as soon as I arrived in the Netherlands. It’s a must! I’ve managed to rent a bike on a monthly basis (how Dutch!😂). The first day of full-time biking was intense, to say the least! Dutch bike lanes seem more like high-speed motorways, to begin with, with little regard for traffic lights! I’m definitely getting there and finding my pedals, even after nights out. Despite one bang on the face by a bike on a high parking stand causing a big bruise and concussion…I’m still intact so far!

Just keep swimming!

Overall it’s been both completely overwhelming and exciting to explore somewhere new. I’m not settled here yet and I’m learning that my time here is going to be a balancing act, financially, mentally and physically! With studying, working, TTR, traveling and a social life I’m definitely a busy bee at the moment. I’m so happy for the opportunity to live in a new country again and to keep exploring and I’m looking forward to keep on balancing and make the most of my time here.

That’s my little update, for now, stay tuned for lots more canal-land themed posts soon!


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