Writing: My latest obsession.

Less than a year ago, my biggest online written post would probably have been citing some moody teenage song lyric under an Instagram photo, now I post my scribbles all over the internet about twice a week!

I love writing, it gives me so much freedom and I love looking at this thing I’ve created. In a relatively small space of time, I’ve published a LOT haha! So I just thought I’d really quickly jot down some of the things I’ve learned or noted along the way.

Putting yourself out there

Honestly for me the hardest part of the whole process! Drawing the line between what I publish and keep private is so hard and actually becoming more and more blurry. At the beginning of all this, I was blogging purely on a work basis, the articles weren’t about me and usually quite removed from any aspect of me as a person. But then I began blogging in my personal life too and things got a little more tricky. As I’ve gone on I’ve definitely become more candid and less worried about what people will think. I always only post things I would be happy for my grandparents and my boss to read but at the same time, I’m a big believer that your vibe attracts your people so I definitely care a lot less now and am so much more willing to post the good and bad times equally here now!

Find your voice

This doesn’t come quickly and it’s really not easy. I went through many different names before I settled on TTR and I also went through more than a few website styles. My content has changed a lot and so has the whole feel of the website. The numbers will come, but only if you’re yourself and have let yourself make some mistakes and try new things out to make your thing the best you can.

Drafts are everything

My Phone ‘Notes’ are the fullest they’ve ever been! Seriously, that’s where most of my blog posts are written, structured out or ideas jotted down. Some ideas never go beyond an idea or a mindmap, others are nearly completely finished but I know I’ll probably never post them and some are even things I hope to publish one day but know now is not the right time. Whatever stage they’re at, they act as my inner self-editor and are a really important part of the whole process.

Check once and then walk away

I’m no Shakespeare. (In case you haven’t noticed) Mistakes happen, and they will continue to happen. Commissioned work-pieces I check 1000 times over and make sure are PERFECT before they go out. But here, this is my safe space, my happy little corner of the internet and so, no offense but so what if the grammar isn’t perfect?! I do try and write in a comprehensible manner but TTR is my little outlet and downtime so I’m not too much of a perfectionist here. After one final check, I’m out! I don’t often reread my posts until months after but am glad other people continue to read and enjoy them! 🙂

Pictures say 1000 words

This is so true and where my love of photography comes in. Again…I’m no pro. But I love it and think that it really complements TTR. I try to use as many high-quality images as I can and all the photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

Late nights are my time.

I’m not condoning this as a healthy lifestyle choice but I write at my best, and most easily late at night. I think this is mainly because Uni and work take up most of my schedule so it’s just my way of fitting TTR writing in. But there’s also something quite therapeutic to it. I’m alone with my thoughts and ideas when everyone else is in bed and the world seems a little more still. I love sitting in bed with my laptop and letting all of my thoughts and stresses out, whether I publish them or not, and feeling accomplished that I’ve done something creative that is all made by me for me when I go to sleep.

Building something takes time and effort…and money.

I love TTR. Love, love, love it. And I think one of the reasons I love it so much is because of how hard I’ve worked on it. I’m really proud of where it’s got to so far and am really happy with the direction it’s going in. There really are few things more fulfilling seeing something that you did by yourself growing, becoming what you want it to be and seeing others enjoy your work. It has been hard at times, but I’ve learned a lot and am ever more thankful I’ve stuck with it!

I think it’s fair to say I’ll keep going a while longer!


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