Starting from Scratch

I arrived back in the UK from my 6 months in Berlin on the 6th January and soon, 3 weeks and 5 days later I’ll be starting my next big adventure. Destination number 2 is….UTRECHT in the Netherlands!

I am beyond excited to get back into being a student during the next Semester at Uni and the comforts that come with it. Fixed accommodation which you can rely on and make a temporary home at, endless opportunities to meet people of my own age, and to finally get my head back in some books!

I adored my time in Berlin but I can’t wait to live on a more flexible schedule, take time to start some new hobbies and meet amazing people! I’ve got my flat, have found the girls I’ll be living with and have color-coded the timetable so it’s nearly time for lift off!

BUT! (There’s always a but isn’t there!😂) I am also aware that a change from working full time to being a student again will be really different and will probably and realistically throw up its own challenges along the way.

I’ve relished the opportunity to be completely independent, responsible for my own money and work schedule and to use every ounce of my free time in some way. In Utrecht I’ll have a lot more disposable free time, I really struggle not being busy so I’m determined to fill it with new activities and friends but still, this prospect is a little daunting.

I’ll be studying a range of modules in history, politics and journalism which I’m thrilled by as this gives me the opportunity to try something completely different to what I do in the UK, and still ties into my work in Berlin and the roots of my own business I’m on the way to setting up.

I’m really hoping to bring a lot of the things I’ve learned from working to my student timetable in the Netherlands and I am really excited at the prospect of doing lots of little trips and having some of my best friends to visit.

Its a really strange thought knowing that I’m going to be starting over again in somewhere which is right now completely unfamiliar to me just when I had gotten to know Berlin so well and became obsessed with it. I think overall that actually, this is a really good thing as it’s meant that I never became really complacent in Berlin and has made me determined to hopefully work there again next summer. Although I loved the first 6 months I’m so glad I’m not settling and staying in known territory but to get out of my comfort zone and see somewhere completely new!

All in all, I CANNOT WAIT to start my semester at the University of Utrecht and am sure there will be a lot to learn and, by the end of my 5 months, a lot to love about the city!

That’s my pre-departure babble before I head off on the second part of my huge adventure. Maybe they’ll be another one or maybe I’ll give you a little update after my first week!


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