It’s time for something new! I’m so excited to be letting you all in on something I’m really passionate about and have been working on for quite some time now. *Drumroll please….*

Introducing ‘TIME TO TALK’ my new online article series comprising of interviews and insights in the worlds of personal fitness, food dietitian, yoga teaching, life coaching, blog writing, the role of social media nowadays and women in business.

A Telegraph article published in August of last year stated that: ‘the average person in the UK spends more than a day a week online,’ the scariest thing about this figure for me was that I could completely believe it, and I know that this statistic does not solely represent the UK.

Having worked with Online Marketing and Content Creation, I have read article after article and seen one statistic after another presenting user profiles of social media users. Being both a content creator and content consumer, I felt I have a unique perspective on how Social Media is used, the things that make it wonderful and a source of creativity but also the things that can make it a dangerous and uncomfortable pressure on people’s daily lives.

2018 was a huge year for women’s equality, the Me Too movement was incredible and huge steps were made both on and offline in relation to body positivity and this was great…BUTTTTT it’s important that we continue to strive for more and continue discussions (both men AND women) to challenge the norms and to keep our minds healthy.

This being said I rounded up a bunch of absolutely inspirational, authentic, honest and intelligent women who are all ridiculously talented in their own fields to ask them if they’d join me in talking about some topics which we all face every day and really matter to us.

Thankfully for me, they said YES! These ladies have all given time out of their busy schedules to talk and collaborate with me on this project and I can’t wait to share more and more of what we have been up to and what we’re planning on doing in the coming months.

Our first topic is…

The misrepresentation of women online.

We’ve all had those moments of Instagram envy, wishing we had that or looked like that or were travelling there but how real is what we see online and how can it be manipulated to create a fake ideal of what a young woman should look like?

This is our starting point and we can’t wait to bring lots of other mini topics into the discussion such as body image, fat-shaming, women’s empowerment, going against the grain, trying to not focus on numbers, self-worth and using socials (Instagram primarily) in the world of modern business.

We’re just getting started and hope you’ll come along with us for the ride. Make sure to leave us comments and feedback on all the bits and pieces we’ll be posting and together let’s make online a more honest place.

Thanks and let’s talk soon,

The TTR Time To Talk Gang.


Photos: @lukaspblume

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