Following Grandad’s footsteps

In 2019 I wanted to set myself some challenges and make sure I followed through with them. I have wanted to get stronger and fitter for a long time, I really enjoy the gym and spinning but I’ve been working on running more and starting delving into the yoga world as a way to de-stress and improve both my physical and mental wellbeing.

I work best when I have a strict goal or date in mind to work towards which means there’s absolutely no way I can quit or make excuses.

This is why I’ve signed up to one half-marathon and am on the reserve list for one more in March and October 2019. Both of these will be huge milestones for me and huge goals to tick off my list! I’m hoping I’ll be caught by the bug of road-race running and it will become something that I can build on to do a full marathon in the not too distant future. (She says rather optimistically…😂)

So, doing at least one half-marathon is one of my personal 2019 goals but then came deciding where to run them. My first pick was clear- Utrecht! The wonderful, waffle and canal-filled city I’m moving to in 18 days! It’s flat and there’s absolutely no excuse not to because I’ll be living literally just around the corner from the start line. So that was that…

You know when that thing happens where you were looking at one thing and then the internet elves manage to somehow recommend everything similar to you on every advert you see? Well, this is exactly what happened to me after popping myself on the reserve list for the Utrecht half…

I kept on seeing ads for the Manchester half-marathon and I couldn’t not sign up. My grandad is one of the most wonderful yet modest people I know, he’s always there and goes above and beyond for everyone in our family. He has done so many trips to the airport with me in the dead of night and has driven me all over the country for uni open days, come to all my school shows when I was little, used to look after me every Wednesday evening and quite honestly has done anything for me I’ve ever needed. Most of the time without me even asking me to. He even came to visit me in Berlin with my granny in September. He’s the best grandad ever and I love him so much. But aside from all of these things he also used to be a CRAZY runner. He loved running and did so many half and full distance marathons in pretty incredible times.

He used to run in and around Manchester and so I knew that doing the Manchester half would mean a lot to him and would make him even prouder than me running the one in Utrecht.

So my grandad is my inspiration, muse and determination to complete these two races and to stay on track with my training and running all the way up to them. I can’t wait to run the Manchester half marathon and, even more than this, I can’t wait to hug him at the end.

I’ll keep you all updated on my training but right now I’m off to do my workout for the day. I REALLY don’t feel like it but Grandad, we’re going to do this! I love you.

Bis bald.x

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