Back in Berlin!

After teary goodbyes and hauling my ridiculously overloaded bag to Tegel airport… I’m on my way back to Berlin!

I knew I’d be back sooner rather later, but I pictured my next visit to be in June or July. Clearly, the rainy, January streets of Berlin are too much to miss out on…3 weeks and 3 days later I’m heading back. 

I think me going back so soon, is an absolute testament to how much I love the city and just how much it means to me. I have 2 people in particular in Berlin who mean the world to me and so, gratefully said they would gladly put me up for my fly-in visit (literally!).

Everyone here reading by now should have realised that Berlin has absolutely captured my imagination and I am completely in love with the city. I love the endlessness to Berlin, there’s nothing more exciting than knowing you’ve always got something new to do or something more exciting than before just around the corner. 

January was, in principle, supposed to be a reasonably quiet month for me as I prepare to move to the Netherlands at the start of February. I thought I needed some time off to relax, recharge and get everything ready for another big trip. But then, in my last few days of a family get-away in Austria: I thought, why am I choosing to have a month of waiting for the move? 

I thrive being busy but I also, sort-of contradicting-ly, get stressed very easily at the thought of travelling. I want my 2019 to be full of excitement and busy checking-off all my to-dos and goals. One of the things I want to do most in 2019 is to travel, and that’s also one of the things that scares me the most. I am so, so, so determined this year to get on a long haul flight again, after over 10 years. And if I’m going to do my first long-haul solo-trip this year then I need to stop holding myself back from everything else. Sure, it would be so much easier to stay at home and chill on the sofa, but that’s probably not going to result in any great stories, so let’s get the backpack on and book some flights! Considering all of this, sitting at my parents home, in my tiny village in northern England for a whole month just wasn’t an option!

I want to really collect moments this year and so when the opportunity arose to head back to Berlin for a short trip I took it extremely quickly! I don’t have a hit-list, lots of things I want to do or even the desire to go out for food and drinks, I just cannot wait to simply see my friends, have a lot of laughs and to be back in my favourite city and 2nd home!

See you soon Berlin!

Bis bald.x

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