Tschüss 2018!

This year has gone so quickly but when I think back to January it also seems like a lifetime ago! 2018 has been a really huge year for me and my most exciting one yet, because of this I decided to try and note down some of the biggest moments of the year!


Passed my driving test! This was a long time coming and I was so thankful to have finally passed, this was even more of a miracle as this was in the same week as my laptop broke and I lost all my Uni work…blah, blah, drama, drama…you get the picture! But YAY!


In February I got 2 job offers and started semester 2 of Uni. February was a big decision-making month. It was actually really tricky at times and had me feeling pretty overwhelmed but I’m so glad I stuck with it, everything turned out pretty peachy in the end…


24 hours in Amsterdam! A friend and I hit up the beautiful, canal-riddled city for one day to go to a concert and have a little adventure. It was a great trip and felt even more exciting because we’d had a crazy, snowy journey there and we ran around the city trying to fit as much in as possible!

Vienna! Just as I had unpacked from one trip I went on another. This trip is one of my whole 2018 highlights as it was THE most fun I’ve had on a mini holiday for a long time and created friendships that will stay forever!


Got my job in Berlin! Little did I know that the Skype interview in April and job offer soon after would shape the rest of my year so much! This was THE best decision I made all year and I felt like a lot of things fell into place after this. Happy days!

Varsity photos, Go Uni! Varsity is such a great time each year (already planning my flights back for the next one😉) and even though I’m not involved in the sport (lol can you imagine!?) I always love doing the photography for the Uni newspaper and website.


In May my little sister came to visit in Sheffield, I always love having the little one to stay and it’s always a weekend filled with laughs and ice-cream!

Finishing SLOGin! If you don’t know what SLOGin is, I don’t blame you but you also have never lived. In 2018 I was captain of our intra-mural netball team at uni and it was such great fun. I met some amazing people who are now, quite literally, all over the world doing amazing things and it was really special for me to be involved in. See you in September!😘


June was a BIG month! I finished my 2nd year of university, went to Amsterdam with friends, had my 20th birthday and moved to Berlin! It was a complete whirlwind and it was perfect! I’m not sure how I’ll top my birthday month next year!


Started a new job! And it was the best, 6 months on I can safely say I learnt so much from this experience and feel so lucky I got the opportunity to meet the people I met and to have landed this gig. In July I also travelled through the night to surprise my family in Austria. I’ve never seen my family so confused and it was thoroughly worth it. This has to be one of my favourite moments of the whole year too!


I started The Temporary Resident! I can’t quite believe how far it’s come in a really short amount of time but I’m loving it at the moment, a huge Danke for everyone who’s either accidentally found it or to my mum for the rest of the views!😂In August my mum and sister also came to visit me out in Berlin and we fitted the most into a weekend that anyone ever has before!


Started learning Portuguese! The progress is definitely slower than I might like but sometimes it’s all about the little wins and I’m seeing it as a step in the right direction! My grandparents came to visit me in Berlin, for a beautifully sunny weekend and then I went back to my Uni town in England for some very overdue catch-ups and a drink or two…😋


In October I got a visit from Mum and Aunty in Berlin and we went on the most amazing weekend featuring a trip to the Ballet and a very fancy breakfast! It was also the month where the Festival of Lights took place, it was Berlin Photo Week and my whole family came to visit me in Berlin! A very exciting month in all!


November was a really big month for me work-wise, I started producing content that I was really really proud of, more than I ever had been before, I published my 35th article for SPRT and started working on a new The Temporary Resident website (I hope you like it!). I had some great trips myself in November, I visited some of the sights near Berlin that I had been meaning to tick off my list such as Teufelsberg and also went to visit a really close friend in Münster.


Things didn’t slow down in December either…one of my best friends paid me a visit in Berlin, I became a freelancer, moved out of Berlin and travelled to Austria to see all my family for Christmas! December was a really big month for me in terms of looking at my next steps and reflecting on what a simply crazy year it has been!

That was my 2018 in a nutshell! It’s been even better than I could ever imagine and feel so lucky to have had so many opportunities and to have met some incredible people. I feel in a really fortunate position to build on the year I’ve just had and make 2019 even better so here’s to planning some amazing things and focusing on my goals!

Bis bald.x

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