2019: Here we go!

For me setting New Year’s Resolutions is almost a scary prospect! We’ve all been there, setting resolutions and goals for the next year with the best intentions but not being able to live up to the expectations or pressure to do all 100 things consistently whilst still holding onto your daily life. 

So this year I’ve got a long list I’m calling ‘things I’d like to work on’. I’m hoping to use it as it as a starting point, choosing maybe a couple of things each month to focus on and give a go!

Here are my ‘starting points’!

-Be more aware of my plastic waste. I’ve made a real effort this year to cut down on the number of animal products I’ve been consuming, despite being veggie for a long time now, I had my first completely plant-based Christmas this year and this is something I definitely want to continue with. Maybe I’ll write more about this one day but I’ve been trying to inform myself about more caring and sustainable ways to live and in 2019 I want to really focus on living a less plastic-dependable lifestyle.

-To keep on going with my languages. I’ve hit a slump recently where I can’t seem to consistently make time for all 4 foreign languages I’ve got going on. It’s been a tall order whilst working full-time but I’m hoping with a more flexible Uni schedule I’ll be able to find my passion for languages again and make some progress

To read 10 or more books. I LOVE reading, but rarely make time for it. That has to change!

To continue building what I’m starting to set up! I’ve worked really hard since starting The Temporary Resident in August, and I want to keep pouring my heart into it along with other work projects I’m up to.

To travel to at least 3 new countries. Why 3? I don’t know, it’s a nice number and seems achievable! And most exciting is hopefully a trip to Australia in July or August. This is also a super big goal for me because travelling, ironically, is something I find really difficult and the whole process makes me incredibly anxious. Here’s to getting out of my comfort zone and making things happen.

To buy myself a new camera! It’s about time I replaced my loving, but tired Canon 1200D. I have loved this little piece of kit but I’ve been saving my pennies and it’s time for something new. Onwards and upwards!

-To be kinder to myself. I’m my own worst enemy at times so here’s to a more chilled version of myself, giving myself time off and being more present.

-To keep grounded and connected with people from home, Sheffield and Berlin. It’s so easy to let things slip every now and again so this year I’m going to make a special effort to let the people close to me but geographically very far away know how much I love them! This includes writing a lot more letters!

To do a half marathon. This has been one of those things I’ve consistently said i’ll do year after year and still here we are with no finishing T-shirts so i’ve decided enough is enough…2019 lace up your shoes!

To go camping! Why not? There is no real reason for this one, but who needs a reason to get back to basics and do something I otherwise probably wouldn’t get round to doing!

To do a 2-day hike. I’ve always liked the idea of staying somewhere really beautiful and remote overnight, with hopefully a really beautiful sunrise or sunset. Who knows where but it’s definitely something I’d like to tick off!

To work out my steps for Summer. Another placement? Continuing freelancing for different companies? Going on a once in a lifetime trip? At the moment I want to do all of the above so I’m hoping to gain some clarity and do some serious planning before June rolls around!

Now that I’ve written them all down, it seems like I’ve got my work cut out so let’s see how I do! But I’m really excited to start planning on ticking some of them off and hoping to be healthier and happier than ever by doing so. Cross your fingers for me!

Happy New Year! I hope you all achieve everything you set your hearts on!

Bis bald.x

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