The best bits of December!

December was my last month in Berlin of my Year Abroad! Therefore I decided to note down my best bits to relish all 23 days I had of December before I dragged, tugged and crawled all of my belongings to Tegel Airport!

To kick December off with a very Christmassy bang, my lovely friend from Uni came to visit me and we had an amazing weekend together full of laughs, good wine and Christmas markets! To read all about our weekend have a little click here!

3rd December: Just after dropping Ellie at the Hauptbahnhof, I met up with my work colleagues for our Christmas party, or more accurately, meal, overly-competitive bowling game, drinks and an introduction to darts and pool.

5th December: Our last Warschauerstrasse food and cocktail night! (For a little while😉) Warschauer is one of my favourite areas in the whole of Berlin and so it was only right to go one last time!

9th December: Berliner Flaktürme, Humboldthain. A friend took me to this little spot, off the beaten track and up the path to get a great view of the city from the former WWII bunker. The weather got progressively worse on our walk there and by the time we got to the top we could barely see through the rain but even so, it was something I would have never really thought to visit and was a great little bonus visit.

10th December: SPRT’s event with John Reed. One of my last events with SPRT happened to also be our biggest to date. It was amazing to be a part of and felt like a real celebration of how far we’ve come since our first Motivator Monday event!

12th December: Monkey Bar and Christmas Market. By this point, I was frantically trying to cross off everything left on my list of things to do! And one of them was going to the Monkey Bar, I’d heard a lot about this bar and felt that I just had to see it before I left Berlin! So this Wednesday evening we decided to forget about how early we had to get up the next day and went to drink some expensively wonderful cocktails and visited the famous Christmas market at the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Breitscheidplatz. It was so magical and we had such a great evening!

14th December: Surprise going-away party for a work colleague and great friend. After keeping our lips sealed for a few weeks, we managed to surprise a brilliant friend before he left Berlin. There’s nothing better than a surprise party and it was such great fun to have everyone together!

15th December: SPRT ART RUN. Probably one of my favourite events I took part in with SPRT and such an interesting one. I could talk about street art in Berlin for hours but I’ll try not to right now! The event combined community, sport and art and was really very special!

16th December: The fanciest food! This night my best friend in Berlin took me to the best Indian restaurant in Berlin. Indian is my favourite kind of food and it definitely didn’t disappoint. We also both realised we could scrub up quite well! (Thank you, thank you, thank you for this amazing treat.)

17th December: My last Motivator Monday event with SPRT: Yoga at Mindspace. There couldn’t have been a prettier location for my last event with work. Through these weekly events, I’ve met lots of people but was really touched by the number of people who came up to me at the end and wished me all the best for my next adventure.

20th December: Leaving lunch at work. As my last week working full time came to a close I felt really odd, still working part time for them I didn’t feel like I was really leaving but I was feeling like I would miss out on so much by not being there each day. My lovely coworkers took me to a Korean restaurant for lunch on my second-to-last day and it was the perfect round up to an amazing 6 months with them!

21st December: Last day at work. This was such a strange day full of conflicting feelings. Maybe I’ll do a full post on it at some point but until then I’ll just take the opportunity to say another HUGE thank you to the guys for taking me on and being the best work-family anyone could ever ask for!

21st December: Last sleepover with friends. We got the hob on and mulled the Glühwein for one last time! This was a really hard day actually, I’ll miss chilling in my second home so much but it was a perfectly chilled evening and a memory I’ll cherish for a long time.

22nd December: My last day in Berlin, spent with my closest friend in Berlin and last photo mission! He asked what I wanted to do in Berlin on my last day and my response? EVERYTHING! So that was it, we set off on the bus from my flat and hopped off at Anhalterbahnhof, we then got the S-Bahn to Potsdamer Platz and then walked to the Brandenburger Tor, down Unter den Linden all the way through Museum Insel and ending at the Christmas market in Alexanderplatz. It was the PERFECT final day to end what has been an absolute adventure and I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

23rd December: Up and off! Waking up at 5.30 I grabbed my final few things and hauled my suitcase to Tegel. When my case when on the check-in desk and was 5kg over I think the lady just took pity on me and let me off with no charge.🙌After over an hour’s queue getting through security I was finally at my gate and boarded the plane to Innsbruck for some much needed rest, recuperation and family time!

So that’s it! My final month in Berlin summed up into my favourite moments. Thank you to everyone who made my last month so perfect and full of laughter.

This won’t be my final post about Berlin (I’ll be milking it for a while😂) but until then bis bald.x

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