A weekend in Münster

A couple of weeks ago I paid one of my closest friends a visit at her temporary home in Münster. It was a weekend full of laughs, catch-ups, good food, and more laughs so here’s a little run down of what we got up to!

No real journey starts without a Flix Bus!

I got myself to Berlin ZOB for my 16.30 bus on a Friday after work. After a necessary Lidl supplies trip, I found myself at bus stop number 32 for the experience that is a +7hr Flix Bus ride. My longest Flix journey was over 11 hours so I was sure I had this one in the bag, it’d be a breeze… 

I forgot that actually getting out of Berlin and Potsdam is always the worst part of the journey! But after an inevitable traffic jam, we changed route, did a 3-point-turn, ended up in a field, got out of said field, physically moved some road-works and got back on track. Literally.😂 

Those shenanigans aside, I got to Münster pretty much on time if a little rattled and with a numb bum!🙈

The most overdue hug!

There’s nothing like seeing friends you haven’t seen for months and months but the minute you see them knowing nothing has changed! With a screech and a run and jump we were wrapped up in a big cuddle and ready for a weekend of laughter, sightseeing and catching up!

Breaky, lunch, dinner and some drinks in between!

It’s fair to say that, bless her, Ellie had definitely scouted the best vegan food in Münster in anticipation and it definitely didn’t disappoint! I already put up a post with my favourite foodie stops we visited but didn’t mention the amount of bars and lovely other little places we discovered together. 


Münster is so pretty! Visiting somewhere completely different to Berlin was such a breath of fresh air and I loved it. The old town was so sweet and the palace was beautiful. It was also really great to see where she spends her time and her Uni buildings! The whole city was so picturesque and was a treat to discover.

Memories to hold onto forever!

The way home was long and tiring, which probably wasn’t helped by the fact we may have had one too many drinks the night before! But even so, I had the most amazing time! Seeing Ellie’s world was perfect and I fully understand why she loves this city so much! I will never forget this trip and can’t wait to come and visit again…maybe when the weather is a little warmer?😉

Bis bald.x

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