My Münster Foodie-Guide

This week I wanted to do a special thank you to one of my all time favourite people for putting me up and showing me around her beautiful city of Münster. My full weekend post is coming soon but until then I thought i’d do a quick little post about our food spots! 

She made such an effort to take me to all vegan friendly places and made sure my belly was full and the laughter kept coming throughout the whole weekend. I haven’t mentioned everywhere we went but just picked out a couple of my favourites which made the visit and catch up perfect! Here we go…

Herr Sonnenschein 

Our first breakfast in Münster definitely didn’t disappoint! This cute little spot was perfect for a mid morning brunch before a bit of exploring. We went through the cafe to a little room at the back which was so cosy and had the most beautiful view out to autumnal leaves and stream. 

The café and staff were as warm and welcoming as the food and the selection of teas was just what the doctor ordered on a chilly morning! Let this be known as your Avo-toast special treat spot! If you live near Münster and haven’t had brunch here…how?!

Café Fam

The most delicious, and gorgeous warm bowls you have ever seen, I promise! They tasted just as good as they looked, and the café itself had a perfectly relaxed atmosphere. No clearly vegan options were on the menu but the staff were all so accommodating and put together the tastiest concoction! 

Their lunch time offer meant the café had a great student atmosphere and was the perfect place to sit as long as we wanted and catch up! We snacked and chatted, and put the world to rights for a couple of hours here and it was just simply lovely!

Café Malik

The food was good here! The place was run by honestly a rather snappy old lady but the food was homely and comforting. If you’re looking for something a little more authentic and a little less Instagram-able (if that’s a word?!) then you’ve found it here! *Their vegan chilli is everything!

Right by the side of the Aasee, this traditional little place definitely warmed us both up after a walk around the lake. I don’t have any pictures of the food or café itself for this one- and I think that’s because we were STARVING! But anyhow, here’s a couple of snaps I got of the Aasee just a couple of minutes walk away and without a doubt worth a little stroll around.  

Hans im Glück

So this one might not be so independent and undiscovered but it is worth a quick mention! My friend swore by this place even before we arrived and she said that because i’d never been to one I just had to go and check it out! So that’s exactly what we did! It didn’t disappoint at all, theirs nothing like drinking in a 3 to get a taste of all the best drinks and then filling your belly with some great food. This place pleased everyone, from vegan to meat eater and the rumbling tummies soon disappeared here! 

So there you have it, my 4 favourite foodie picks from our weekend in Münster, we went to some other lovely places too but I guess you’ll just have to wait for my full weekend post next week for that! Thank you to my incredible tour guide!❤️

Bis bald. x


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