Bye Bye Summertime!

Well I think it’s fair to say that i’ve clung to Summer as long as I possibly could and it’s definitely overdue to accept it’s over. This was without a doubt the best Summer of my life.


It was full of meeting people i’ll remember forever, some of the funniest moments and a summer full of ‘firsts’. Because of all of this, although it’s come rather late, I wanted to note down some of my Summer highlights from the start of my Year Abroad to treasure them forever!

I arrived in Berlin on the 30th June, disorientated, probably a little overwhelmed and thoroughly starry-eyed. I moved into my flat on the 1st July and started work on the 2nd. This whirlwind of an adventure definitely started as it meant to go on and I had the most incredible Summer, the weather helped too!


When thinking what to put in this post I just popped down the things that I often think back to and went from there. There are definitely going to be lots of things i’ve missed off but here’s a start anyway…

Swimming in Lakes.

This is honestly one of the most vivid memories I have of Summer. There was nothing like finishing work and going straight to Weißensee to meet friends and jump in the cold water! Sitting for hours on the banks of lakes and watching the sun go down with drinks was honestly one of the most relaxing, and happy memories I have of my whole time in Berlin. No makeup, wet hair and laughing until the early hours of the morning really made this the best.


Day trips out.

Sometimes escaping Berlin is exactly what i’ve needed and for that reason day trips have to be up there with my fave moments too. Long summer car drives with good music and plenty of chat gave me the most amazing Sunday vibes.


Late Nights.

If you’re not up at 3am drinking wine by the Spree on a Thursday evening what are you doing? One thing I definitely learnt this Summer is that sleep can be caught up on! Why limit yourself because it’s a Thursday? Friday’s can be made 70% up of coffee anyway right?! The thing about going out clubbing in Berlin is that you get back LATE! And when I say late I mean, very very early! Far more so than I ever experienced at uni in England. I’m a closet granny and so nights out aren’t really my thing but in the name of being cultured and making the most of my Year Abroad i’d be lying if I said there weren’t times i’ve been sat on the kerb with a Döner at 6am.😉



There’s no denying that the weather this Summer was insane! It’s probably the hottest Summers i’ve ever experienced and 100% the longest. Now more than ever with darker mornings and cold air i’m definitely missing the sun but it really did provide the perfect backdrop to an amazing time.


Moving somewhere new goes hand in hand with exploring, and this Summer I did a lot of it! Every weekend I was busy doing something new and I wouldn’t have had it any other way!


Feeling at home.

I feel so lucky because of how well I settled in here. I am completely comfortable in Berlin, and whilst wishing I had more time here, because I don’t think you can ever really be done finding new things, I am really content with how quickly I felt cosy here!

Finding my passion.

Hello blog readers! 😉 It’s still mad to me that this website only began in August and now look at us! Over 1000 reads from people in 17 countries all over the world. I only ever started to write here as a sort of online scrapbook of my Year Abroad and although that’s still not changed it feels amazing to know that other people think it’s worth reading too! So far through both work and my website I have learnt so much, grown in confidence immensely and have been inspired to continue doing what I love in the future.


Getting out of my Comfort Zone.

This is a biggie! It’s not always been easy but it has ALWAYS been worth it! This being said, i’ve done so may things this Summer that before I never would have thought possible. Whether it’s been traveling all over Europe to see friends and family, running for the first time with Midnight Runners, putting myself out there to meet new people, attending Berlin Photo Week 2018 or growing in my position at work, I could not regret a single risk i’ve taken since arriving.


Surprising family.

The most rewarding thing i’ve ever done was travelling through the night to surprise my mum, dad and sister in Austria. Family is the most important thing in my life and living away can definitely put this in perspective. You do sometimes find yourself asking why you were such a nag on your mum or pushed your sister away that time she wanted to watch a film with you before you moved away. Let’s not speak too soon though I am home for 3 weeks with them for Christmas😉but seriously, I love them all so dearly and seeing the look on all their faces was perfect.

Meeting amazing people.

Last but most important to mention are all the wonderful people i’ve met since escaping over the Channel. Every single person I have met has completely shaped my experience and made my time here so enjoyable. I know you all read these, because you all bully me about them equally so this is for you.

My glasses are fogging up a little so I think it’s time to sign off but basically: A huge thank you to all my people in Berlin for making this Summer one i’ll never ever forget and a lil pat on the back to some of the things i’ve managed to do by myself too I guess!

Bis bald.x


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