My Berlin Foodie-Guide

Baby it’s cold outside… okay so it’s only just become scarf weather but still, get cosy with my top picks of veggie and vegan food in Berlin.

These are the top places I’ve always made sure to take my visitors to and i’ve never heard any complaints! So, maybe leave the belt at home today. Mahlzeit!

(P.S. don’t judge my flat-lays, i’m no IG foodie😘…)

  1.  Delabuu

First things first: Ice Cream. The reason my little sister wants to move to Berlin permanently, and yes that it the level of concentration she takes her ice-cream picking with… The shop is honestly so hot, it’s ice-cream time all year round. Don’t try too hard and always go for the small option -it’s not small. The base is vegan and a range of yummy  fruit, chocolates and basically anything you can imagine is available for you to add in with a free sauce and topping. Thank me later…


2. The Avocado Club.

Your number 1 Instagram location. If you don’t like avocado then this admittedly might not be the spot for you but then you also probably don’t deserve something so delicious if you don’t like avo anyway.😉

A little out of the way depending where about’s in Berlin you are but worth a trip inside if you’re around. The staff are super lovely too!


3. Zeit für Brot

Forget the diet here! This is not the place if you have a fear of carbs, but everything in moderation right? ‘What are they?’ you may ask…I’m still not sure, but the only thing you need to know is that they’re delicious. Don’t be surprised if you see people queuing out of the door, this is the most perfect Sunday, post-Mauerpark treat.

4. Flying Monkey

Looks too fancy to afford but it’s not!😍 The first time I went there, a small audible intake of breath coming from me when I saw my internship wage flash before my eyes but Flying Monkey was actually a great surprise. Small, intimate and cool, this place has everything you need and is the perfect date-night location near Eberswalder Straße.

5. KulturBrauerei

It’s not cold outside if you have a Glühwein in your hands.🍷 The food market, made up of stalls with food from all over the world can be found 12-6pm every Sunday. The burritos are a must! From anyone, meat eater to vegan, there really is something for everyone and a great place to meet friends for a catch up!


6. Gotcha

Located on Simon-Dach-Straße, these warm and hearty bowls are the perfect mid-day winter pick-me-up! This place is small but great and offers a little restbite from the nearby busy Warschauer Straße and East Side Gallery. Their teas are worth trying too!


7. Schiller Burger

The best burgers in Berlin, no it really was awarded that title! The picture may look a little ropey but that’s just because they’re too delicious to let go cold by doing silly (but pretty I think we can all agree) flat-lays! They have 7 burger bars all over Berlin but the one at Rüdersdorfer Straße is the one me and my sister love! (It’s right opposite the M13 tram stop so there is absolutely no excuse not to!)

Vegan? Go for the ANMUT & WÜRDE burger I promise it’s the best one!😋


8. Little Green Rabbit

There are now 3 chains in of Little Green Rabbit in Berlin which offer mainly soups and salads which you can personalise to make them perfect for you. Any Ride Berlin addicts out there? This is your new post-workout spot for sure! Not the cheapest salad i’ve ever had but definitely maybe one of the best! Get a large and take the rest home for later! 🥗

9. Käfer DACHGARTEN-RESTAURANT im Deutschen Bundestag

Okayyyy so it’s time for something slightly more extravagant now! This is honestly my worth it food location in all of Berlin. You’l have to book a fair while in advance but the view, friendliness of the staff, quality of food and all round experience makes it so worth it. It also won’t burst your bank the way you think it might. Although there were no obvious vegan options I could see on their website for brunch they were so helpful and made me the most incredible breakfast of a salad with mango and quinoa, ice tea and prosecco!  It is the perfect breaky stop and the best way to kick off your day sightseeing! 100% would recommend, it definitely made my mum’s birthday weekend in Berlin very special!

10. Steel Vintage Bikes.

Vegan hot choc? Yes pleaseeeee!🙌 This vintage bike shop stroke cafe is just a stones throw from the Brandenburg Gate and also the go-to place if you’re wanting to rent a top notch road bike whilst in Berlin. (My dad is a proper roadie and it got his seal of approval!) The food is simple yet delicious whilst being healthy and the cafe is super cute!

11. Father Carpenter

Last but definitely not least! The perfect lunch meeting and blog writing spot. Right in the heart of Mitte, it’s remarkably quiet and relaxed. Sat out in the courtyard you feel a world away from the busy streets outside near Hackescher Markt. This place is a little on the pricey side for my student budget but hey, their banana bread is to die for!

Well that rounds up nearly 5 months of eating! Don’t judge…it’s all been for the blog post. My jeans may be a little more snug but I definitely have a smile on my face and will be hitting up some of these stops again pretty soon! My next 2 visitors should prepare themselves! 😉

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