A birthday, a race and a ballet.

After a late night at work, a week before my aunty and mum came to Berlin to visit, I vaguely mentioned to my mum on the phone the idea of doing something like going to a show or something similar that we’d all remember for a long time to come. 30 minutes later we had booked to see Swan Lake at the ballet. The following weekend I picked my mum and aunty up from the airport and the next day and we started what would be the best weekend i’ve had in a long time.

On Saturday 6th October we went to the Ballet! The whole evening was beautifully unprepared, and although being a great special treat for my mum’s birthday weekend, honestly with hindsight we could have done maybe a little more preparation…

Who was performing the ballet? We had no idea. Where was it? We thought we knew…

After a busy day sightseeing and running around Berlin, we hopped back to the hotel for a quick change and then traveled back into Mitte and arrived perfect timing to the Staatsoper…so we felt extremely pleased with ourselves that we’d managed to do all of the above in record time. We should have really known that it was too good to be true.

If you’re in Berlin at the moment you will have already guessed the problem…Swan Lake isn’t on at the Staatsoper. Que the fastest taxi trip across Berlin you have ever experienced.

-I remain convinced this was not my fault, I was not in charge of the tickets and didn’t book the seats…I’m not pointing fingers but my mum also remains defiant the debacle wasn’t her doing either.-

Once we arrived after running across the road, we tried to compose ourselves before we got to the door. We must have looked completely flustered and confused when we handed the gentleman on the door our tickets with our fingers crossed that we wouldn’t be about to do yet another taxi journey!

We got into the opera house and found our seats and the most ironic thing was that actually we weren’t even late! Considering that we had only booked our tickets a week or so before we were lucky with our seats- they were pretty perfect.

I think it’s very rare that an opera or ballet can seem relaxed and open to everyone but this performance really was. The atmosphere was great, all types of people were there and no one felt our of place, regardless whether they were wearing a full length gown or the classic ‘jeans-and-a-nice-top.’

The strength and control of the ballerinas was incredible and the whole performance was captivating. My favourite scene would have to be when Odette goes to tell the swans of the prince’s unfaithfulness- not to spoil the scene for anyone but the choreography and way the swans came up out of the water at the beginning of the scene was amazing.

The lasting impression of the whole performance was breathtaking. The music, the venue and the dancers, everything!

All in all we lucked out! We saw the Russian State Ballet perform the iconic Swan Lake. And, if you ever find yourselves at the wrong opera house just know you’re not the only person that has made this hilariously embarrassing mistake and that it is possible to get from the Staatsoper to the Deutscheoper in 16 minutes.

We definitely won’t forget our trip to the ballet…just for more reasons than we thought we would!😉

Bis bald.x


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