What’s next…learning Portuguese?

Honestly, I have a real issue with not being busy😂 I’m my own biggest critic and I love doing new things.

So, as well as having a full time job, being mid way through a uni project, looking into masters options, keeping on top of the 3 foreign languages I can speak, trying to actively make better health choices, STILL trying to work out how I get a German TV licence (it’s only been 4 months👏) and having a social life with whatever time is left… I decided to pick up Portuguese and give it a go.

My mum thinks I’ve gone insane and is probably planning to stage an intervention any minute now but honestly I love learning about languages and cultures that are new to me. I find people so interesting, and in my experience the best way to try and understand a person is to try and educate yourself at least a little in their background and story.

One of my closest friends grew up in Portugal and hearing him (ALWAYS😉) talking about the country, it’s history and customs inspired me to take the plunge and visit the most trusty source there is, duolingo! (Another post is coming soon about the best tips on how to learn a language.) And I have to be honest and say that slowly but surely it’s working. After investing in an absolutely vital cute notepad and pretty pens, and thereafter drawing up my verb tables and vocab with precision I’m seeing some improvement!

I’m lucky that with my knowledge of Spanish I can get by semi easily but it has been really interesting to see how different the languages become the more you learn about them. Which is the same thing I experienced when learning Dutch after having studied German.

I love the early stage of learning a new language, everything is so exciting and progress is quick to see, new words are fun to learn and the grammar seems quirky, it’s not quite got to the tedious, pulling-your-hair-out stage yet😂

Anyway, my aim for a long time has been to have 5 languages in my bank, all of which to be at least at a conversational level. And it feels great to be moving slowly towards that long-term goal. It’s been refreshing to learn something just for the sake of learning and purely out of interest and not because I’m determined to reach a specific level or because I have to do an exam in it! Don’t get me wrong I’m still at a beginner level but I’m loving it, and it’s definitely making me want to book a summer holiday!☀️

Bom dia!😘

Bis bald.x

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