Berlin Photo Week 2018

The very first Berlin photo week took place from the 10th to the 14th of October and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Conference on the Saturday. The day consisted of a Magnum gallery, speakers from different creative backgrounds and a room full of inspiring and passionate people.

I’ve never had such deep conversations about IOS, the future of VR in photography and the cannon 5D mark III before in my life but I was definitely about it!😂


I arrived at the venue near Jannowitzbrücke and I really didn’t know what to expect, then, my eyes were assaulted with what I can only describe as an abandoned and forgotten supermarket. If course! It’s exactly what I should have expected, this is Berlin after all…😉

I really felt like Berlin photo week came at the perfect time for me. I was in a slump, not knowing really what content to create, on both my blog and Instagram and I just felt like I wasn’t seeing any progression. But there’s nothing like a little inspiration to fix that…


When I was sat in the main room where the speaker’s were doing their presentations and panels I knew I was quite probably the youngest. I’m never surprised by the male to female ratio at events like this but even so, it can still be a little daunting. Anyhow pushing my semi-low self esteem to the side, I just saw the conference as an opportunity to learn. Learn about the community, the newest conversations in the world of photography, get some things to take away and maybe meet some new people.

I think no matter where you are in your career or journey in pursuing something creative, certain situations can make you uneasy or -for me anyway- make me feel like I maybe shouldn’t be there! But in my experience so far, the scariest situations are the ones you learn the most from and so if I know that this is definitely the direction I want to go in then I need to roll my sleeves up and be prepared for occasionally snobby 40+ men to think I don’t belong!💁‍♀️


One of the speakers, photographer Peter van Agtmael was in my view by far the most inspiring person there. His work, mostly war photography, and his efforts capturing the narrative of war overseas and his home county of the US was astounding. For someone like myself, who wants to peruse career in political journalism and aims to create more meaningful content through photos and writing in the future, his speech really resonated.


His candidness and just how grounded he was was really inspirational and I luckily got to meet him after his talk and received the first edition of his newspaper journal ‘Magnum Chronicles: A Brief Visual History In The Time Of ISIS’. It’s an absolutely amazing publication and which is both challenging and breathtaking.

The event didn’t disappoint, it was really exciting to be involved in Berlin’s first photo week and the whole conference was thoroughly incredible. It refocused me and made me realise what I need to start actively progressing my creative content and prioritise my future creatively. 😊


I’m looking forward to my next steps, and one of them is actively calling myself a freelance photographer, (which I still feel a little snobby saying😂) i’ve worked really hard to get to this point and have learnt so much. My first couple of paid shoots seemed like a huge milestone and i’m looking forward to many more!📸

Bis bald. x


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