Old Friends are forever.

The truth is that before coming back to Sheffield I was really worried…I wasn’t sure I’d fit in the way I did before going away and I worried that I might not get on with all my friends in the same way I did before…Obviously I was completely over thinking and being silly.


NOTHING had changed and I had the most AMAZING time. 

The whole week was filled with big hugs, catch ups, stories, laughs and joking and it felt amazing. I realised truly how amazing my friends are and that no matter how much time passes, true friendships don’t fade. 

Since day one❤️

Since going on my year abroad I think I’ve really realised who my true friends are and I’ve learnt who I’m really valued by. This is no shade to anyone I haven’t talked to in a while-please pop up if we haven’t caught up for a little bit ❤️- but the truest friends are the ones who keep in contact. I’m not talking 6 hour FaceTime calls-because I fully understand that we’re all busy semi-adults trying to navigate the world-but the odd text, the ‘you’ll never guess what happened’ message or even the odd comment on a photo can really brighten my whole day. There’s honestly nothing better than knowing people are thinking of you like you are thinking of them. 

And after worrying that I might not fit in or be slightly replaced (which I know sounds rather pathetic but it’s true) I was delighted to find that proper friends can never be replaced and the best relationships are the ones where it seems like 5 minutes since you last saw each other. 


Love is so intense and my trip really was bittersweet. It reminded me that I miss uni, miss my friends and miss the laughter and shenanigans these people bring to my everyday life. But it also made me so grateful to have them in my life. Sometimes time apart is a bit of a wake up call, helping you realise who you NEED and will NEVER let go. So, to all those people: I’m sorry…you’re stuck with me for a while longer😛

I can’t wait for the whole tribe to come and visit me in Berlin and I love you all so dearly. 

I miss you, I love you and I’m so grateful to have you in my life-even if you’re 1376,2 km away. 

Bis bald.x

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