Taking time out: A week away.

If you booked a week of work and could go anywhere you want- where would you go? Sun? See? An exotic holiday?

…On my week off I went to…Sheffield😂

Okay so let me explain, I go to uni in Sheffield and it is the BEST and COSIEST city ever-I’m clearly not biased.😉


I’m writing this post sat on my best friends bed, with shockingly bad wifi-trying and failing to watch the great British Bake Off, listening to the soft patter of rain on the attic Windows and cuddled up in endless blankets and jumpers. Back in the land of carpet, bake-off and the Students Union -I’m kind of wondering if I’ll make my return flight or ‘accidentally’ miss it.❤️

Since moving abroad one thing I’ve really struggled with is finding balance. Once the whirlwind of the first few weeks was over I thought I would have time to chill, take stock and breath, but honestly this didn’t really happen. I’m so happy for everything I’ve experienced in Berlin so far and wouldn’t change the people I’ve met or how busy I’ve been but the two weeks before I had this week off it became blatantly obvious that I needed some chill out time. I felt as if when I had some free time and didn’t use it for something productive or to do something new then I was wasting my time and wasting an opportunity in turn kind of letting myself down. 


This is of course not true but still, it’s become a little mission of mine to recognise when I’m doing too much, be a little more selfish every now and then and take time away for myself when I need it. This being said, I was determined to relish every free second I have this week and not make myself feel guilty for lying in bed too long or choosing pjs as my outfit of the day. 💃

This being said, one step I made in order to make the most of my time out of busy Berlin life was that I purposely didn’t bring my laptop with me. I brought my iPad on the promise to myself I would keep it on flight mode and only use it to write. This hasn’t stopped me answering the odd message for, work or checking emails but on the whole I was SO glad I took steps to at least decrease the amount of time I spent online and give myself time to recharge. 

I didn’t realise how much I needed a break until I had it! I love Berlin and work etc but I think it’s 100% OK to acknowledge you need some time for yourself and to just relax. I think this week has been the start of me learning to chill out. Learning that I don’t have to work or be busy every hour of the day and doing nothing is sometimes the best thing you can do for yourself. 

Bake off is calling… 🍰

Bis bald.x

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