Erschöpft aber Zufrieden!

I heard this phrase one day when asking a friend how they were and I thought it was genius. It perfectly summed up how I was feeling! One thing i’ve learnt is that the whirlwind of a Year Abroad never stops…

Once i’d just about gotten over settling in, done all the endless paperwork and started my new job I thought that I would have a minute to breath…In reality I don’t think that I’ve actually had a moment to breath since i got here! 😂 But this definitely isn’t a bad thing necessarily! Honestly quite a lot of the time i’m shattered…but I think that’s largely a good thing! I’m the most busy, most social and most fulfilled i’ve been in a long time and if my payment for that is loosing a little sleep then i’ll happily be a little more sleepy every now and again!

Being in work full time 5 days a week has actually helped me to manage my time more effectively. I work 40 hours a week from Monday to Friday and manage to do something at least 5 evenings a week whilst also trying to optimise my weekends as much as possible.


Don’t get me wrong some weeks everything does get a bit much and I have struggled with finding balance here sometimes (another blog post about balance is coming very soon!) but overall as long as you are excited about the things you’re doing and the people you’re spending time with then how can you really complain?☺️

I think being shattered is one way to know you’re giving whatever experience you’re in as much as you possibly can. Obviously it’s important to take time out and recharge but on the whole, I only do things in my free time that i’m really excited about or that I know will challenge me. I constantly strive to do more, to meet new people and to see things i’ve never experienced before. When i’ve had a full week I love crashing on my bed on a Sunday evening and thinking wow-how the hell did you do all of that!😂


Since arriving in Berlin i’ve really learnt how valuable it can be to fully get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. Even now whilst i’m writing this I went on my first 10km Midnight Runners Bootcamp run yesterday and got home at 11.45, I had a full day at work today (which started with getting stuck in a lift🙄) and I’m about to quickly grab some food before I go out and meet a friend who’s leaving Berlin tomorrow. My legs are still shaking, my back hurts, my mind is consumed with things for work…but i’m happy. SO HAPPY and grateful.

Basically, I just wanted to write down here for myself that i’m so glad i’m so tired. Its sounds so strange but pushing myself and reflecting about where I am and what i’ve been up to do is something I very rarely do and should definitely do more! So there you have it…i’m Erschöpft aber Zufrieden…and I wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️

Bis Bald. x


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