48 hours in Berlin.

A week or two ago my mum and sister came to visit me from England, they stayed from Saturday until Wednesday and because I had the weekend off work I made it my mission to pack as much into the two days as possible!

Here’s what we got up to:

-At 11am on Saturday I picked them both up from Schönefeld Airport, and, despite the Berlin public transport being as difficult as ever, (more moaning about this another time!🤯) I made it on time- complete with cute sign!

-The first thing I did with my family was to show them my flat and the area near where I live. It was such a strange feeling bringing them to my flat for the first time because it’s so familiar to me now, but I kind of forgot that although they’d seen where I live plenty of times on Facetime, they had actually never seen it properly!


-Then I took us all to Schiller Burger, honestly THE best burger in Berlin and something for everyone!😍Tricky as between the three of us we had to cater for everything from meat lover to vegan! Not always an easy task, however all the options meant a full house of happy- and very full!- people.

-From there we attempted to try and slightly walk off our burgers by going to Warschauer Straßea busy corner of Friedrichshain, with something always going on. Around here you will be sure to find something to do. I showed the girls all the cute little shops and bars and they loved seeing the general buzz of the area.


-Whilst we were around the area we then went to the East Side Gallery– a must for any tourist or person visiting for a few days. Without a doubt it has to be regarded as one of the most iconic sights in Berlin (and the one closest to my house!).

-Just a stones throw from the other sights mentioned above, is Oberbaum Brücke, this bridge is not only historically important but also culturally. It is a beautiful bride and usually there is a lovely view of the Spree from walking over it, so of course we took a short trip over it and back.


-After all of this it was time for another sit down and catch up so I took them to Delabuu Ice Cream.🍦If you like ice cream this is your place! My sister loved being able to choose what she put in her ice cream (…basically everything!) and then watch it being made.


-Luckily, the weekend my mum and sister were here coincided with: The Long Night of the Museums! (There’s a more detailed post about the whole night and event coming soon so I won’t spoil it but who can resist cocktails in museums that are open to 2am!). However, it was a marathon not a sprint so we also managed a perfectly timed mid-museum pizza break around Hackesher Markt- I can highhhlyyyy recommend the food around here!

Then after the craziest day we slept…(a little!)

Sunday started with breakfast at a small place near Landsberger Allee. We kept breakfast small, light and easy and were quickly on our way!

Sightseeing! How could you come to Berlin and not do the obligatory sightseeing points!? Of course this involved visiting the Brandenburger Tor, Unter den Linden, Museum Island (to see it in the daytime!), and the Reichstag. Although i’ve been here for over 2 months now I hadn’t got any classic tourist pictures so this was all of our opportunity!😉


-After this we headed to the Vegan Food Festival in Alexanderplatz. Okay… so admittedly this wasn’t for everyone and yes my sister did go to McDonalds across the road much to my despair but this was my idea of heaven! There was a great atmosphere, really inspiring speakers and amazing food!


-From there we made our way to Mauerpark– the ultimate Sunday activity! At first the girls were a bit confused when I explained that I was taking them to a park and a ‘flee market’ but LOVED it when they got there! My mum even said this was one of her biggest highlights of the whole trip!🌟For anyone that’s been to Mauerpark I don’t need to explain why it’s so good, but for those who haven’t…JUST GO! Its a must!


-Later on and out again for dinner we went back to near Hackescher Markt, this time we went to the Ampelmann restaurant a special request from my little sister! The view and setting were lovely and watching the sun set over Museum Island and the Spree was nothing less than special!

-Not one to want to end the weekend, after a little walk we went for drinks and pudding!😂(When in Berlin…eat lava cake right?!) It felt so good just to sit, chat and catch up!

Overall theres probably 2 things I need to say:

-Firstly, if you want a really quiet and chilled weekend when you visit me…its probably best just not to come at all!😂

-And secondly it was SO nice seeing my mum and sister, although we missed my dad and wish that he could have come too, it was great to show them just exactly why I love it here and how at home I am. Berlin is one of the most special cities i’ve ever been to, it is so multicultural and yet it is completely the home of everyone here without question. I felt so blessed to be able to share my new home with some of my family and i’m already looking forward to both my parents and sister coming back in late October!

Bis bald.x


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