Lakes,Cinemas, Concerts and Palaces!

Do you know what I mean if I say that sometimes you have those moments where you’re so happy and fulfilled that you really try to internalise what you’re experiencing to hold onto it? Looking at everything in tiny detail to try and capture it all in your mind forever? Well this blog is sort of my SD card back up for those moments. I want to be able to look back on this next year when i’m tearing my hair out about my final year exams and escape into my favourite memories from my year abroad. For this reason, I noted down my favourite weekend so far:

– the 16th to the 19th August


Ok so obviously Thursday isn’t the weekend…but it’s nearly there! This Thursday I went to Weißensee, a lake not too far from me and just sat there all evening watching the world go by with friends. Chilling around lakes and going swimming is one of the most distinct things i’ll remember about this summer I think, although not necessarily anything big or exciting, the summer evening sun and fresh water, slack-lining and talking for hours on end with friends makes nights like these definitely ones to remember.


The day where the world is your oyster! I live for the Friday night feeling and I always think the weekend seems so much longer if you do something on a Friday after work. This particular evening I met up with two of the loveliest girls and we went to an open air cinema. The film was called ‘Herr Lehrmann’ and I couldn’t recommend it enough, set in Berlin it follows the story of a guy searching for his identity and where he fits into society in 1989 just before the fall of the Berlin wall. Not only was the whole evening a really great and chilled way to start the weekend, it also gave me a bit of unexpected inspiration as to my Erasmus paper that I desperately needed to start thinking about!

It was the first open air cinema that I had ever been to and it was so cute! In some sort of guide it would be labelled as ‘rustic’, and it would be easy to think you had gone into someone’s back garden, but the plastic chairs and cobbled together bits of furniture made the place complete. The atmosphere was great and it was bursting at the seams with people. It felt cosy, comfortable and homely- perfect for a Friday night! The Filmrauschpalast is definitely a place to visit.



Although my Saturday day time was pretty uneventful I had probably THE BEST NIGHT since I got here, no exaggeration! Earlier in the week I had met a friend who said they were going to a concert on Saturday and that I was more than welcome to come too if I wanted. I practically agreed before I even knew who was playing which could have turned out awfully 😂 but it was so much better than I could have ever expected. I found out that the concert was for ‘Milky Chance and friends’ and I was delighted. I’d never been a huge fan but I did love the songs i’d heard, moreover when I found out that I knew 2 of the 3 other acts I felt like it was a dream.

The concert was in the Citadel in Spandau, and for anyone that has never been here to watch something- YOU HAVE TO GO! The venue was big and meant that there were lots of place to sit, chat, eat and drink before hand and the best part was that the entire concert was outdoor. Watching the sun set and listening to live music was so special and I definitely won’t forget it.

The music was great, the company was great and it definitely reminded me of how lucky I am to love where I do!


So to top off my favourite weekend of my first 2 months a really good friend of mine and I went to Potsdam and Sans Sanssouci I LOVED this day because I honestly felt like i’d gone on holiday. Obviously I love Berlin so much but to see some green and to get some fresh air in a quiet setting was just what I needed.

It took us about an hour, maybe more, to get there and trusted with the aux cord we drove happily listening to the most wonderfully crafted playlist😉!

The palaces were stunning in the August sunshine and even though lots of other visitors were also in the grounds the gardens felt peaceful. Some rest-bite from the busy city was definitely welcome! I probably would never have really thought to make a visit here with so much already to do in Berlin but it was the perfect Sunday activity.

After walking around the grounds we drove to a french cafe and ate crêpes. They were delicious and as we sat we joked how it felt exactly as if we had gone to France for the day. Pretty pastel painted buildings, whicker furniture, crêpes and sat in the sunshine I could have been in a gorgeous southern French village.

All in all this was the most perfect weekend, filled with lots of laughs and lots of great people. I feel so lucky and blessed to have met them all and know my experience definitely would not be the same without them all! You know who you all are- danke😘

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