The worst advice I was given before moving abroad!

Previous YA students were my saving grace in preparing to move to Berlin. I was really lucky to be surrounded by my Netball team who all helped each other out and gave each other some very practical advice- even sharing pancake loyalty cards! Thats friendship!

But…it has to be said that I did receive some pretty ridiculous advice (can we even call it advice 😂) before moving away! Here goes!

  1. Don’t Worry!

I’d be worried if you weren’t! Being worried or anxious before any big step, let alone moving abroad is totally normal and quite honestly anyone that tells you not to worry before you do the move is a little deluded. Everything WILL work out, whether that’s from day one or day 47 but in the mean time, and especially before you leave, it is completely normal to worry. 

Worrying, whether we like it or not, is a very normal part of life and so you should never be told not to! Managing worry in the right way can actually constitute in being really productive.

You’re not alone or the little alien you feel like! There are loads of us out here so take comfort in the fact that everyone is a bit worried and lost at the beginning! All we need to do is find our feet-much like Bambi on ice.😘

2) You’ll be fine!

Okay so this is probably the most irritating and common thing that I heard from people!

‘Fine’ is not what anyone aims for when moving abroad and also…I didn’t realise people could read the future?! 

If you’re in the situation where your friend or family member is moving abroad tell them that you hope they have the best time or that you have faith in them rather than they’ll be fine. When people used to tell me this it’s almost like afterwards I felt I couldn’t voice my worries because they’d all just been dismissed as trivial or silly. ‘Fine’ as a word should be banished along with ‘nice’ but anyway…😂

A polite message from anyone doing anything remotely out of their comfort zone: Don’t say ‘You’ll be fine!’

-Rant Over-

3) Don’t talk to strangers!

Disclaimer: Obviously be safe and don’t put yourself in stupid situations but mostly speaking, in my experience anyway, you have to be willing to meet strangers if you’re going to meet as many new people as possible. Strangers are just friends you haven’t met yet!

Granted not all the people you meet are going to be your kind of people but the majority, especially somewhere like Berlin, will be young, open to also meet new people and really friendly. Having someone to lean on or laugh with is so important and so, in some ways, those early friendships are the most important and special.

So, basically what i’m saying is that you’re mum will be concerned about approximately 87% of the things you do but she’s your mum so thats ok. You on the other hand, have to go out-however ridiculous the situation and meet your future besties. It will either work out, or not- and if it doesn’t a funny story will usually come out of it… My lips are sealed (for now😂)!

4) Take things you love from home that you wont be able to get there.

Are you joking? It’s not like i’m going to the land of delicious food, pastries and beer😋..I’ll pass and leave the Cadbury’s back in England. 

Now if you have a burning passion to bring a specific thing-do it! But in the spirit of throwing yourself into your new life, find new favourites! Wherever you’re headed I can assure you that you wont be short of new snacks, postcards, or cute things for your bedroom!

THE best Ice Cream in Berlin

I brought some postcards and photos of friends and family but thats really about it and I haven’t missed a thing! There’s honestly no time for missing things, and the key here is to not focus on all the homely, comforting and yummy things you left behind but instead think about the amazing things waiting for you. 

By the end of your time you will have collected concert tickets, photos, wristbands and most of all new things that you think you can’t live without that you NEED to take back with you!

Of course people only ever say things like this because they care and I fully recognise that but sometimes it does just make you want to burry your head in a pillow and i’m sure others can relate! Stick around to read my other post coming soon all about the BEST advice I received before moving to Berlin!

Bis bald! x

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