The best offer I ever turned down


Get cosy and get yourself a cup of tea (or Radler😉)

I think throughout school we’re conditioned to think that the traditional jobs are the ones to go for: I’m talking, teacher, doctor, engineer. Or in my case: teacher, translator, teacher, interpreter, or teacher. No joke! As soon as you tell someone you study languages then most people presume that those are your three options. So when I say marketing and journalism are the routes I want to go down i’m usually given a confused look silently questioning why im doing a degree that supposably has ‘nothing to do’ with my end goal. (This isn’t true and the value of my degree I’ll talk about another time but anyway, tangent over…)  


Bear this in mind and let’s fast-forward to January 2018. Thick in the middle of planing my Year Abroad I knew I wanted to work for around 6 months and then study for another 6 months but I honestly had no idea with where to start trying to find a job. Of course I have had jobs before but only summer work and part time work here and there, it was now time to get a ‘proper’ job. After endless applications, (and too many rejections) I got a Skype interview to work for a large logistics company (whose name shall remain anonymous, in case I mess up any future opportunities😂). I was so excited for the interview. I felt so relieved and happy to seemingly get my break after so many tries. I did the interview and then got an email a few days later to say they were flying me out for a further interview and to show me the office.


A week or two passed and I was off to Austria to visit the office and everyone there. I arrived and my 30hours in the city was a whirlwind but when visiting the office I felt really disappointed. It was like everything I had been waiting for was now just in front of me but I didn’t want it anymore. I was annoyed that I wasn’t excited…Is that even a thing?!


At Munich Airport I rang my mum and my granny (who else?!) and told them everything. Where I went, who I met and what I did and to cut a long story short I told them both that I already knew it wasn’t for me. I think it’s fair to say my parents especially were a little baffled and nervous about the possibility of me turning the job down, should I be successful and be offered it.

A week later and I received an email saying that I had got the job. Sidenote: For fear of sounding ungrateful I just want to quickly say that that is definitely not the case! The job would have been a great opportunity and without a doubt the people and company were wonderful to me. BUT, and it’s kind of a big ‘but’ I just had such a gut feeling that it wasn’t the thing I should do.


The job, on paper, was the most perfect thing I could have asked for. A brilliant salary, steady working hours and in a beautiful Austrian town. However I just knew it wouldn’t be what I needed. It seemed small and stuffy to me, the feeling wasn’t even because of one thing in particular but the mixture of the job that seemed quite mundane, and the small city made me realise I wouldn’t be happy there.

I had applied for the job because it was ‘reputable’ and ‘a proper job’ not because I was really excited to work in that field or because I loved the city and because of this I knew spending 6 months there would be a waste of my time and theirs. Therefore I knew I had to decline the job, despite the hefty salary I was about to turn down with no alternative.


I really respect the way my parents dealt with the way my parents dealt with the situation, they were thrilled to hear that i’d been offered the safe, reputable and well paid job and were soooo confused when I said I wouldn’t and couldn’t take it. I knew declining the job was definitely not what they wanted but they still let me do it and either learn from my mistake or find something better. 

Moral of the story: This was the best offer I ever turned down and i’m now so glad I went with my gut. I couldn’t imagine being anywhere other than Berlin. Don’t stick to the ‘proper jobs’, go on an adventure, get yourself a lowly paid internship and have the BEST time. 

(More on my current work placement another time😘…)

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