The Big Day!

On the plane, I felt like I was off to see my family or just off on a normal trip. Although, anyone that knows me knows I’m a horrible flyer so it was still a bit of a task relaxing! Luckily I had some encouraging words from a friend ringing in my ears promising me that the plane would most definitely not just fall out of the sky and so…I settled in to the 1hr 30 min flight.


The fact I was flying to my new home, on a single way flight really did not sink in until quite literally the plane bumped onto the runway at Schönefeld Airport. It was like I had a sudden realisation that I was going on my year abroad, almost as if  I had never actually expected it to happen!


As I said earlier…The lead up is a mean game, the waiting, worrying, and excitement is all part of it but try to deal with it honestly and rationally. You will have to leave, and have to do some very hard goodbyes but firstly if people are meant to be in your life they’ll stay there(…another topic for later haha!) and secondly, once the goodbyes are done…its time to enjoy!


Once arriving in Berlin, from the second I landed I felt like I could completely do this and questioned why I ever doubted myself. I stayed in a hotel for the first night and the next morning dragged all my belongings to my new flat. It was the best feeling ever when I got into my flat for the first time, knowing this was now home and (at least semi-) permanent!

Looking back, the 31st June was the most surreal day of my life. The first day, like the first week and the first month was an absolute whirlwind! Full on the one hand with, registering, starting a new job, getting lost on the underground and setting up all the things you seem to have to set up and filling out all the endless paperwork you have to apparently have to fill out… and on the other hand full of excitement, meeting new people and soaking up as much culture of your new home as possible! 

Bis bald-Aimée

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